June 24, 2016

On Comments

For the interim, I've turned on Moderation of comments on my blog.  Had a nasty one a few posts ago, accusing me of beating my wife, causing the divorce.

That's completely untrue, and I won't tolerate it here.  I think I know who did it, but I can't _prove_ it, so for now, I'm just going to moderate the comments.

I'm trying to check every few hours, but I might slip up and forget if I'm having a particularly good (or bad) day.

Thanks for your understanding.

June 23, 2016

On the AR-15

This is actually a pretty decent read.

The AR-15 is More Than a Gun.  It's a Gadget.

A couple small points that I would quibble about, but nothing terribly bad.

So, What's Different?

Apparently a bunch of Democrats, pissed off that there haven't been any new gun control laws that wouldn't have stopped the Orlando shooting (or, for that matter, any other shooting) have decided to stage a Sit-In.

Which means we've got a bunch of politicians, sitting around, doing nothing.

And this is a departure from the norm... How, exactly?

June 19, 2016

The Worst Part

I'll never get to hold her again.

That's what hurts.

June 16, 2016


Well, I've managed to keep moving forward...

Secured a one-room studio apartment, signed the lease yesterday.  It's a short term lease, only 6 month, but that's about all the longer I plan on staying in this town.  I'm going back to Colorado where I belong.  A friend of mine there put me in contact with a recruiter who is going to start looking for jobs for me.

At least I'm not homeless, sleeping in my Jeep any more.  It's gonna be snug, me and the two dogs, but we'll survive.

Hired a lawyer to handle the legal stuff.  He spoke to her lawyer, and we're both on the same page when it comes to who gets what.  My lawyer said that this should be pretty simple, won't cost the full retainer fee, and I should get some of the $1000 back.  That's a positive, because I'm bleeding coin at the moment.  If you're feeling generous, I'm accepting.

Told my boss that I was eventually moving west.  That was difficult, actually, because she really is an awesome boss.  She's always stood behind her people, have their back, and is a really good person.  I can't say enough about how well she treats us, and it's going to be difficult to find a better boss.

Got some stuff out of the old house on Monday.  Was going to go yesterday and get more, but the thunderstorms and rain had other ideas.

It's amazing how many little things you learn you don't have when you move... Stuff like a broom and dust pan, a holder for your toothbrush, shower curtains, etc.  Went to the Mega Super Store last night, picked up the cheapest shower curtain rings and liner I could find, along with a package of TP.  Gotta have some ass-wipe, don't ya know.

Plan is to get the rest of my stuff on Sunday, including the dogs.  I'll wager Casey is going to be happy to see me.

June 14, 2016

Apropos lyrics

Heard on the radio tonight, while sitting in a dark parking lot, waiting for the booze to kick in so I can sleep...

"He tries to please them all
This bitter man he is
Throughout his life the same
He's battled constantly
This fight he cannot win..."

June 12, 2016

Week the 1th

Well, still alive.

I've spent the past week or so in damage control mode, making sure that I got some cash from the bank account before she locked me out of it, getting a meeting scheduled with laweyer (jeez, they cost a lot!... $125 just to sit and talk to the guy and see if he'll represent me), finding a storage facility where I can put my stuff in the interim until I move back to Colorado, and trying to find a place to live (you'd think that it'd be easier to find a 1 bedroom apartment in a college town.)

In other news, I've nearly perfected the art of sleeping in my Jeep. The duffel bags go there, the phone connects to the charger and sits there near my head, I lay this way, and with the camping air mattress and an old army blanket, I'm actually quite comfortable.

Or maybe I'm just so numb that I can't tell how much it hurts.  Whatever...

At any rate, trying to find an apartment that will let me sign a 6 month lease is becoming a chore... I don't want to lock in to a year, and can't bring myself to live in a motel that I pay by the week.

Mostly, I miss my dogs.

It's funny... You always hear about this male-privilege thing, but when it came time to split, she was left with a house, the June bills all paid, a refrigerator full of food, a pantry full of food, two deep freezers filled with meats and soup and such, and $3000 in the bank.

I've got two changes of clothes, my sleeping bag, and the Jeep.  I pay $5 for a day pass to the local YMCA to take a shower.

Went up to Auburn yesterday afternoon to see my parents. They were supportive, and that really helped.

This sucks so bad...

June 7, 2016

No Blog for You

Getting divorced.  Nothing to say for a long while. 

Go read someone else.  I'm going to do my best to not swallow a 124 grain JHP. 

I hate life... and I hate being alive.

Damn you, FaceBook

The Book of Face has this thing where they show you posts and stuff from this date, going back in time.

So if you wanna see what you said on,  say,  April 15th in 2009, you can.

Today they showed me this post,  which is a picture I took off Elder Spawn after we spent a day kayaking on a local lake,  just the two of  us. 

This was before she started calling me a "fucking asshole."

I prefer those days to the current days.

May 23, 2016


So, Saturday was the only day I had free to sneak down to Louisville for the 2016 NRAAM.  I wish I could have stayed longer, but schedules and finances were not going to let that happen.

At any rate, it's the usual NRAAM stuff.  Everyone and their brother has a newer and better AR-15 build, with their proprietary fancy gollywog stuff that makes THEIR AR-15 platform that much more operator-esque than the next guy.  Because when you have to operate, you want an operational operator gun.  Or something.

I did manage to refrain from whipping out the plastic to pick up Savage Arms' new bolt action 338 Lapua.  For now, anyway.

Got a lot of "possibles" for Kilted to Kick Cancer donation, a pretty fair number of "probables", and one in-my-hands donation from MantisX Firearms Training Systems.  This is a device that you connect to the rail on your handgun, download an app to your phone or tablet (Apple or Android), and as you fire, it measures the deviation of your pistol and gives you feedback on your shots, along with suggestions on how to resolve it.  It's got a bit of voodoo magic to it, but I found it interesting.  I will give the donated system away to KTKC, of course, but might just shell out the $149.99 and get one for my own use.

As usual, the attendees ran the gamut of culture and gender: Men and Women, many different racial makeups (African-American, Latino/Hispanic, Asian), and all ages.  And, as usual, everyone was polite.  The exhibit hall was much larger than last year in Nashville, and that made for larger lanes between booths.  Still, there were times when it was crowded, and you'd bump into someone by accident, and both people would turn around and offer a polite "Sorry about that" or "My apologies".  Ya know, for a bunch of violent savages, the NRA members are really quite considerate.

The NRA endorsed Trump.  This is not surprising.  What, you expected them to back Shrillary?  Trump had best keep that in mind, however... Ya dance with the one that brung ya, as they say, and if he goes back on his promises to uphold 2A rights, the NRA will drop him like a prom dress.

I got to meet Reya Kempley, a very pleasant young lady who is trying out for the US Olympic Shooting team.  I wish her the very best, and hope she kicks some ass down in Rio this summer.  Take bug spray, Ms. Kempley.

Didn't see any protesters.  Didn't really look, either.

Spent most of the day walking the exhibit hall with EMS Artifact, but managed to run into my buddy Ryan and his lady Amy, as well as JayG, Old NFO, Kelly Eads, and a few other folks.  Just not enough time to catch up with everybody.

Didn't hear of one single person getting shot, despite an estimated 80,000 people there, many of whom were most likely armed.

EMS Artifact and I went out for a quick bite to eat and a beer, catch up on stuff, tell lies, discuss upcoming hunting trips to take, and general BS.  Then about 6:30 I hit the road north back towards home.

It was a long day for a short visit with friends, but it was a nice break from the daily grind of work/house chores/work/house chores...

Until next year in Atlanta, my friends, I wish you farewell.  Thank you for letting me be a part of the tribe.

May 18, 2016

NRAAM Saturday Meet Up

I'm going to be in Louisville for the NRAAM this weekend, but only for Saturday.  Time and chores and finances don't permit for a longer trip.

Who's going, who wants to have an impromptu blogger meet-up, grab a beer?

May 13, 2016

In Lieu of Real Content

* It's been a rainy month so far... We've had measurable precipitation for 11 of the 13 days in May, and a fair bit of it at that.  Ground is spongy, low spots are flooded with standing water, the White River is pushing over the banks, etc.  Good for the lawn and garden, but if we don't get a few days of sun and dry weather, the farmers are going to be hard pressed to get fields seeded.

* Spawn the Younger has recently made a pretty significant change in her attitude.  She's smiling more, sulking less.  Laughing more, grumping less.  If I ask her to do something, she does it with far less fuss than previously.  Not sure what's gotten into her, but I like it.  Maybe it's that she has been put on a new medication by the dermatologist to help control her acne, and it's working well.  At that age, physical appearance helps guide attitude, I guess.  Anyway, I'm liking her attitude. 

* Elder Spawn is quite the opposite.  She's got, as my Southern friends would say, "an alligator mouth and a hummingbird ass".  It's truly amazing to me that she thinks it's acceptable to tell an adult "Shut up, you're an idiot, nobody likes you."  That sort of thing would have earned me a proper ass-beating as a child.  She says it with impunity because her mother won't punish her any further than a stern talking-to.  I've gotten used to it, and pretty much ignore her... water off a duck's back and all that... but it does get tiresome.  There are days I dread going home from work, because I am just tired of being spoken to with such disrespect. 

* Got to the range yesterday before the storms came in.  I had to remove and remount the scope on my Marlin Glenfield Model 60, so it was time to check the zero, get it dialed in.  I ran a 100 rounds of CCI Stinger and after about 10 I was plugging the bull and the proximity thereof pretty consistently at 50 yards.  It might be a 40+ year old gun that didn't cost $100 new, but by gosh I just _LOVE_ shooting that thing.  The fact that it was my dad's gun when he was a boy doesn't hurt.  I suspect I'll hand it down to my nephew some day, if he's of a mind.  

* Pork, Sweet Potato, Turmeric, and Quinoa Soup was on the table for dinner a few nights ago.  It turned out prety well, and will become a regular in the rotation.  

Take a couple pork hocks (smoked hocks, if you can get them) and plop 'em in the stock pot with celery, onion, carrots, and some black pepper, cover with water, and bring the heat to a soft boil.  Cover, reduce heat a bit, and let cook for a few hours.  Strain the solids, pick out the meat, and throw the rest into a compost pile.  

Return meat and liquid to the pot, add more black pepper, taragon, garlic powder, thyme, and turmeric to taste.  Put on low heat.   While the soup is cooking, take a few sweet potatoes, peel and cut into bite sized pieces.  Toss with EVOO and a bit of salt, cook in the oven at 250 for about 90 minutes.  Remove to cool.  

About 30 minutes before you're ready to serve, add 2 cups of unflavored quiona and increase heat to medium.  Bring to medium high heat and let it cook.  After 20 minutes, add the sweet potatoes, cook 10 minutes more, and serve.  Add more turmeric as needed.

* Considering switching from my current leather IWB holster to a Kydex IWB holster for the G19.  Recommendations are welcome.

That is all...