March 25, 2015

Haven't We Done This Already?

So the "Party of Small* Government" in Hoosier Land has recently pushed through the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (or, as I like to call it, "Permission to Discriminate Against Those You Find to Be Icky Act"), which essentially allows businesses to discriminate against groups or individuals and hide behind "religion" as their excuse.

I understand the idea that a business owner should be able to refuse service to anyone, and that's been true and in practice for years here.

What this does is different.  It allows businesses to refuse service to entire demographics of people, based on nothing more than a made-up belief structure and the owner's opinion that a given demographic is undesirable.

And let's be honest: This is about evangelicals not wanting to serve "those gays".

There's a right way and a wrong way to react to this.  Since the bill is signed into law (or will be, since the Guv said he's gonna sign it), there will be legal repercussions and challenges and and more and more tax dollars spent fighting this in the courts (I find it hard to believe that the IN legislature has resolved every other issue facing our society today and this is the only thing left... Hell, we still can't get carry out beer on Sundays!)

Now, while the legal challenges play out, here's what you do:

1. Call, email, and write (yes, all three) your local state representative and senator.  Check the voting record, see if they voted for this abomination, and if they did, let them know you're going to vote the bastards out next time.

2. Get with the social platforms: Find out who's not going to discriminate, and spend your consumer dollars there.  And make damn sure all your friends know it, too: "Paw Paw's Auto Repair Shop in East Cornfield, Indiana, said they're not going to discriminate against anyone, so that's where I'm taking my 76 Pinto for repairs from now on!"  

2a. Don't bother shaming those businesses that will discriminate.  Let them be bigots.  Speak with your money.  If you find that the corner shop where you used to go for the paper and a coffee is now discriminating, politely tell them why you won't be back.  The term is "enough rope to hang themselves..."

3. Open a business of your own.  Don't discriminate**.

Trust me on this: Businesses are all about the bottom line.  When their bigotry starts to impact profits, they will either change their ways or go out of business.

Still and all, it's sad to see my home state do this sort of nonsense.  

Didn't we do this sort of thing before?

I thought we would be better than this.

*Small Government until it comes time to force their beliefs on others, then it's all about rules and regulations and such.

** Although, it would be a delicious bit of schadenfreude to see a gay-owned business refuse to serve a Christian patron "because of your religion", then watch as the Indiana GOP loses their collective shit and cry "War on Christianity!"

March 23, 2015

Who's at Fault Here?

Take a look at this, and based ONLY on what you see in the video, tell me your thoughts on who's at fault, who is the aggressor, should either of them get a tougher suspension than the other, etc.

I've got my thoughts, but I want to hear what you have to say first.

March 15, 2015

Need Ammo

Well, technically my friend Julia needs ammo.

As she's come to discover, her father has an old rife in .303 Savage.  He, being a generous and unselfish sort, has been giving what spare coin he has to his community, his church, etc.  And, as a retired factory worker who still works on his own farm, what spare coin he has is sparse indeed.

Julia was talking to him about that old rifle and he mentioned that he used to love shooting, but hasn't in several years for a variety of reasons: It's not compliant with Indiana's limits on cartridges for deer hunting (you can google those regulations if you want, but the "tl,dr" version is this: Handgun loads only in rifles... .44 Mag and the like.  Things like .270 Winchester or 30-30 or 303 Savage are out) is the biggest one.

Lack of money for ammo to go to the range is the other reason.  And perhaps the biggest.

At any rate, Julia wants to get her dad a box or three of ammunition for his rifle as a gift so he can once again enjoy the pleasure of going to the range and slinging lead and smelling the cordite and feeling the recoil and hearing the "CLANG" of a steel target.

I did a quick check of Ammo Seek dot com, and only two hits.

Any sources of .303 Savage are welcomed.


March 10, 2015

Dude, you're not that tactical

One of the things that I've been seeing on various gun/shooter web forums is the recurring theme of "How do you carry when you ?" questions.

My left hand to Shiva, I saw a thread on a forum asking "How do you carry when you ride on your boat or Jet Ski?"

Look, slick, here's the thing: If you're on a boat, in the middle of the lake, you don't NEED to be carrying.  Do you think that a street thug with a penchant for holding up the local liquor store is going to air-drop from a CH-47 and land on your boat and hold you up for your wallet before rolling off the gunwhale into the water and escaping with his SCUBA gear?

People like these idgits really annoy me. 

How you should carry in 99.826% of your wakeful time: In a holster, on your hip, secured to a sturdy belt, and covered with your shirt.


If you think you're going to play Special Operator who Operates in Operations while you're swimming at the local watering hole, you're wrong.  Quit trying to be something you're not.


/ rant

March 8, 2015

Parts, please

So I've decided that I'm finally going to get busy building out the next AR-15.  I won a lower and matching upper from the Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraiser a couple years ago, and just haven't had the spare coin or time to build it.  But now I've got a bit of both, and it's going to get done.

Since I have an AR in the standard 5.56 NATO, I decided that this next is going to be in .300 BLK, and rather than all-black, I'm going FDE.

That's as far as I've gotten.

I don't have any particular niche this will fill.  No matter the cartridge, I can't use it for hunting deer in Indiana (unless they pass the new cartridge regulation suggestions, but given that it wasn't until 2006 that Indiana adopted Daylight Savings Time, I'm not hopeful for rapid change from the state gummermint), so the primary purpose, like all my other rifles at the moment, is target shooting.  I want it to be accurate out to 200 yards, just in case I *can* someday use it on Bambi's daddy, but otherwise, I've got no specific needs.

So, now I need suggestions on parts.  Logic tells me the first place is a lower parts kit, with trigger and grip, then add the barrel.

Price is a factor.  I'm not eating rice and pintos daily, but I also don't wipe my ass with a Ben Franklin.  So keep the suggestions in the "reasonable" range, please.

And go.

The Big Thaw

Finally starting to thaw a bit here at Casa JB.

It's been a winter of brutal temperatures, made worst by brutal winds (living on the flats as we do, with little to break up the gusts once the corn is harvested, makes for a breezy situation.)

We made it through the winter fine, compared to last year.  Last winter involved frozen pipes to the washing machine, my Heep spending the winter outside, a frozen battery in said Heep, and we ran through the firewood by middle February.  We don't need the wood for heating, but it is nice to have it for the fireplace and as a "backup" option, should the electricity go out and we can't run the furnace.

Anyway, this year we did better.  I still have a handful of logs on the wood pile, I spent last summer re-organizing the garage to make space for both our vehicles, and we hit the canning of food pretty hard last fall.  There are plenty of green beans, tomato pasta sauce, carrots, etc. still in the pantry, and while the meat freezer is getting thin, I still have some venison left (gonna make venison Shepherd's Pie for the Missus tonight.)

It's warming up this week, and not a moment too soon.  Dogs are getting cabin fever like the rest of us (I'm not letting the Spawn sit in front of the TV on Wednesday, since it should be near 60 degrees... they can go outside and burn off some energy) and I'm really looking forward to opening the windows and letting a breeze fill the house.

That, and I'm really wanting to go shooting, and I'm too much of a wimp to go to the range in single digit temps.

February 17, 2015

Stolen from the Book of Face:

February 1, 2015

And she probably votes

I can't even...
I just... never mind.  I'll be in my bunk in the fetal position, crying for the future of my country.

January 13, 2015

Central Indiana Blogger Shoot-n-meet-n-greet

Any bloggers in the central Indiana area want to do a meet-up/range day/shoot-n-meet-n-greet?

I'm not sure where, exactly.  I live up near Muncie.  I know Tam and Brigid are in the Indy area.

Who else is around?  Who has access to a range that would be suitable?

January 9, 2015

And the Hit Just Keep On Coming

Middle of last August, we noticed that the house at Casa d' JB wasn't quite as cool as one might expect with central air conditioning running.  Went to the vent, felt what would best be described as room temperature air coming out.  A quick inspection of the central air unit showed ice on the pipe that goes into the house.  That indicates a coolant leak, which is usually due to a leak in the core.  Being a 15 year old unit, it cannot be repaired, only replaced.

That will cost us a couple grand.

Spawn the Younger is getting treated by the orthodontist, with braces, a palate expander, and some pretty high-tech head-gear.

That's costing us a couple grand. needed new tires and a brake job on her car, so we took it into the shop for necessary repairs and upkeep.

That set us back a grand.

And now, last night on the way home from work, I stopped at the package store for a six pack of beer and a pack of smokes (I know.)  It's been cold the past few days in East Central Indiana, with wind chills in the negative ten range, but Jeepers has been a reliable trooper, I just put a new battery in last winter, new spark plugs and a fuel system cleaning a month ago, and an oil change two weeks ago.  Paid for my purchase, went outside to head for the homestead, and the Jeep failed to start.  It cranked once, then wouldn't crank again.  Turn the key off, wait a few, tried again, same result.  Thinking it was a dead battery, perhaps, I was fortunate enough that another patron had a big ol' GMC 2500 Sierra truck with dual batteries and lots of power.  Offered him five bucks for a jump start (he refused the money, offered the jump start anyway -- there ARE good people in the world), but no dice.

So I had it towed to the shop, where it will be inspected and probably set me back another grand or more.

I'm selling a kidney, if anyone is in the market.


December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Regardless of how you celebrate, or if you don't at all, I wish you a Merry Christmas from everyone at Casa d' JB.

May you have love, peace, and happiness in your heart, a warm home, a loving dog, and a family at hand.

Thanks for being there.