April 13, 2021

Got the Shot

Yesterday I took off work a couple hours early and went to the vaccination site run by the county to get my 'Rona vaccine. 

It's pretty easy to sign up: There's a website, you pick the day you can go, it offers you a list of available times and which location -- there's one in the parking lot of the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland, and another in Estes Park -- then you just show up.  

I've got to give credit when it is due: This was pretty dang efficient, for a government run operation.  Despite there being a not-insignificant number of people going, it was about half an hour, start to finish.  

You drive up, following the signs and traffic directors, and get to the first stop.  

One person asks you a few questions: "Have you ever had allergic reaction to any vaccine?  Have you had COVID?  Have you already received one of the different vaccines for COVID?"  That sort of thing, checks your ID and compares it to the sign up form, and you move along.  Then you drive up to the next stop, a second person asks the same questions, and then a nurse (assuming she was a nurse.  Perhaps a paramedic or some other medical professional, but something about her demeanor shouted "nurse" to me) gives you the shot in your arm.  If you're driving and you're okay with it in your left arm, you don't even need to get out of your car. 

You're handed your card 

(fine, I've got the card, but I damn sure will NOT be carrying it everywhere I go... "Papers, please" is NOT how we do things here), drive a little further, wait for 15 minutes in case you develop any problematic side effects, and then you're done.  

Anyway, now I've got the shot.  Two weeks for it to take full effect  and provide immunity, then don't you f--king dare ask me to wear a damn mask all the time.  No, screw you. 


Old NFO said...

Will be interested to see if you get a reaction. Ian and I both had one to the first shots. He had Phyzer and I had Moderna.

Jeff B said...

Nope, nothing. I had J&J, and other than a wee bit of soreness at the injection site -- certainly to be expected after someone sticks a needle into your arm and pushes in fluid that ain't supposed to be there -- I have had no reaction. Heck, the soreness went away after a day.

LadyJtalks said...

The nurse that gave me the first shot told me to rub alcohol on the spot if it hurt and that worked. Second shot I had a day that I was tired but that's all. Glad to be done with it. After second shot they said take a screen shot of the card in case I lose it. I'll give a copy to my doctor for my records when I see her next. Just relieved and hoping down the road all will be fine. Tired of the mask also. Jacki