May 21, 2020

This Is Beyond Dumb

I would say "unbelievable", but given their history of suck and fail during the Beer Flu, it's actually believeable:

Mixing the two tests makes it much harder to understand the meaning of positive tests, and it clouds important information about the U.S. response to the pandemic, Jha said. “The viral testing is to understand how many people are getting infected, while antibody testing is like looking in the rearview mirror. The two tests are totally different signals,” he told us. By combining the two types of results, the CDC has made them both “uninterpretable,” he said.

Heads should roll.  They won't, of course, but they SHOULD.


Aaron said...

Yep, far too much of this crisis has been reacted to and based on absolutely crap data.

Old NFO said...

And this is the 'crap' that is driving our national response??? WTF???