August 7, 2019

Assorted and Sundry

Well, the medical bills have started coming in.  All said and done, I need to come up with around $3500 or so, which is roughly 1/3 of the total bill.  I have a $3000 deductible, then insurance kicks in and I then pay 20% of expenses until I reach my annual Out of Pocket Max of $5500.  So, the first three grand, then 20% of $2500, or $500.  That's going to put a dent in my ammo purchasing budget for some time, but I've slowly been buying a box or two every paycheck over the past few years, so I've got a quantity sufficient to keep me on the practice range for a while. 

Speaking of ammo, I sense another panic buying spree forth coming, along with a run on guns in general, due to the acts of the shit-bag in El Paso and the other shit-bag in Dayton (and the other other shit-bag in Gilroy, California.)  In addition, we've now got GOP congress critters as well as a "Republican" President voicing some support for nation wide "Red Flag Laws", "Universal Background Checks" (that can't be enforced), and other gun control measures.  So much for dancing with the one that brung ya, eh, Mr. President? 

Life has been fairly busy lately.  Work continues at a hair on fire pace, and we finally hired in a new tech.  He's young, fresh out of a 2 year program for IT, but has a positive attitude, wants to do a good job, and takes instruction well.  Hopefully he can get up to speed quickly and help some of the rest of us. 

Despite being that busy, I'm really looking forward to my vacation in mid September.  Gulf of Mexico, Corpus Christi, Texas, fishing, friends.... What's not to like about that? 

Jake the dog is really getting slow and old.  We're at the point where he needs a little assistance getting up the flight of stairs to the apartment.  Some of that might be because he needs to shed a few extra pounds (so do I, if I'm being honest), but I wager a good part of that is because he's at least 14 years old and that's almost to the century mark for a dog. 

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Old NFO said...

Well, at least you're here to pay the bill. That's a positive! :-) Enjoy the vaca.