May 6, 2019

Quick Turn

Saturday morning, 0300 bright and early (well, early anyway... the sun had yet to show itself, as one might imagine), I woke up and after a quick shower and filling my travel mug, hit the road to Denver International Airport for a 0615 flight to Dallas-Fort Worth.  My friend David picked me up, and we drove up to Wichita Falls to celebrate Peter's newly conferred citizenship status.

OldNFO has a synopsis of the weekend, and I've nothing more to add.

Spent the night in Wichita Falls, and after a light breakfast on Sunday, David took me back to DFW, where I spent a couple hours at the airport bar blowing the froth off a few Shiner Bock beers before catching a flight back to DEN.

Having packed light -- a fresh t-shirt and polo shirt, a pair of socks and a pair of boxers, and my toothbrush -- I didn't have to check a bag, and was off the plane back in my truck, and on the road home in short order.

Every chance I have to spend time with this group of people, this family this Tribe, is welcomed indeed.  It's a soul and spirit refreshing, comforting, and peaceful experience, and I thank my lucky stars they welcomed me into the fold.


Old NFO said...

Thanks for coming! It was good to see you!

Peter said...

We're lucky to have you in the tribe, sir. You add to our assets. Thanks for coming up for the party!