January 29, 2019

Failure to Plan

This morning, on the drive to work, I had the truck radio on the local news station, just to get a quick bit of what's going on, what the weather is going to be, sport scores, and the like.

Normally, it's the usual codswallop, but something I heard this morning made me turn my head and give the radio a quizzical look, like a dog trying to understand some strange command.

See, according to the voices on said radio, many of the food banks of Colorado are running "dangerously low" on inventory "due to the recent government shutdown."

Now I'm not here to say a damn thing about the (partial) government shutdown.  I've my own beliefs, I'll possibly write them down later, and you have yours and that's fine.

But this bit of news.... We're talking just over thirty total days, and when you plot that out over a calendar and highlight the every other Friday government employee paydays in yellow, we're talking two paychecks total (the sum total of which the employees will be getting paid now that the Dot Fed is back to business.)

So... You're telling me that in just over two weeks, these government employees not only burned through their entire bank account, but also the content of their food supply? 

Or did they not HAVE any savings and extra stores of food? 

Much like Peter over at Bayou Renaissance Man, I make it a point to have stored away a supply of assorted and sundry food.  As a rough guess, with what I have in the freezer and pantry, I wager I could go 45 days without needing to go to the grocery store.  Yes, there might be some rather bland meals that aren't worth blogging about (one can only store so many packages of beef short ribs, you understand), and sure, I might get tired of oatmeal after a few weeks, but necessity and luxury are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

I'll also admit, freely, that I don't have any additional mouths to feed.  It's not like I have three kids and a spouse and an elderly parent depending on me -- though if I did, you can bet your last dollar that I'd triple or quadruple my food stores -- for a meal. 

In addition to having extra food stocked up, I also have an emergency supply of cash and spending money available.  I've got a credit card with a decent limit and currently no balance, so spending $300 or more on a grocery run isn't a hardship.  Worst case, I dig into an envelope with a handful of $20 bills that I've got stashed away. 

My point is this: "Prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse" is really just a funny euphemism for being prepared to deal with unexpected, and unpleasant, times.  Like, say, two weeks or so without a paycheck. 

If you don't have supplies of a quantity sufficient to go three weeks without a grocery store run, I feel that you're just asking for trouble.

Failing to Plan is planning to fail. 

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