January 8, 2019

Back to the Grind

It's rather nice when Christmas falls on a Tuesday or Friday.  Typically, boss man gives us Christmas Eve off, then add in Christmas Day, Saturday, and Sunday, and you've got yourself a nice 4 day weekend. 

Even better, New Year's Day is the same, so we get to do the same 4 day weekend the following week.

The down side, of course, is that you've only got 3 days to take care of your workload, and getting five days worth of work done in three days is... well, challenging... but the spirit of the holidays usually helps, as folks know and understand that we're not going to be working on Christmas. 

Had a bit of a scare this year, however: On Friday, 21 December, around 4:30 pm, the Hyper-V Host server at one of our bigger clients decided to shut down.  And by shut down, I mean "Shut down like someone pulled both power cords from the back of the server" shut down. 

Not a graceful shutdown.  No sir... Just *bam* you're powered off. 

They have the 24/7 Four Hour Support contract on this server, so if it requires parts or a vendor-certified technician, we have that going for us. 

So, after opening a support ticket with the vendor, I called the customer and made some arrangements with her to meet me at the office the next morning.  On Saturday, I went on site and followed the instructions from vendor support: Remove both power cables, press and release the power button ten times, and on the eleventh push, hold it in for 30 seconds (I held it for 35 seconds, because I'm a rebel).  Then connect the power cables and turn it on. 

To my amazement, that actually worked, and the server powered back up. 

Both Hyper-V guest servers came back on line, and all was well with the world... No longer have to get parts and work on Sunday, or Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day rebuilding the thing.  It's a Festivus Miracle!

The strange thing is that all diagnostics came back clean, and that means I have no idea what caused the crash.  That sorta bothers me.

At any rate, those 4 day weekends are done, and now it's back to the normal 8-5, Mon-Fri grind. 


Old NFO said...

That is... Odd...Almost wonder if somebody DID pull a power plug inadvertently, which I HAVE seen happen before.

EMS Artifact said...

Someone flipped the wrong circuit breaker. Or maybe housekeeping unplugged them to vacuum the floors.

No matter what it was, it's good that you could fix it easily.