December 18, 2018

Things That Are NOT Going to Happen

Assorted requests from customers at work the past few days:

"We want to use this software, and here are the system requirements." 

OK... let's see.... 8 GB of RAM, that's no problem.  At least 500 GB hard drive, again no worries.  FTP access with port 22 open on the firewall?  Yeah, that's NOT going to happen.

"I'm having trouble getting remote access to a computer at another office.  I want you to give me the login information for the router so I can make changes."

Let me think about that.... No.

"Our staff doesn't want to have to enter a password for the staff WiFi, so just disable that and let us connect without a password."

How about no?

"Can you make me a domain administrator so I can install this cute font that I found on a website on all computers?"

Can I?  Yes, I can.  Will I?  Nope. 

"Just make my password something simple, like 123456."

Why, because you're not smart enough to remember a proper password?


Good lord, sometimes I hate working in this field.


Glenn Webster said...

Many similarities to my work as a transport dispatcher.
No only means no if you say it at least four times.

Old NFO said...

Snerk... THAT is why you get paid the big bucks... for NOT pounding their heads to knock sense into them!