August 31, 2018

Hidden Joys

For some reason or another, a reason I've yet to discern, I woke up this morning, just shy of 0400 hours, and was WIDE AWAKE.

Waking in the middle of the night isn't unusual for me: Maybe I have to use the bathroom or perhaps I was having a strange dream, but typically I can go back to sleep in short order. 

This morning, however, I just knew I wasn't getting back to sleep, so I started the coffee and got myself vertical. 

In days past, I'd grumble about this, but as I've gotten older, I've come to realize that grumbling won't solve much, so you might as well make the best of it.

Poured myself a cuppa, and stepped onto the back deck to have a cigarette. 

Looking up into the vast night sky -- Fort Collins is known for low levels of "light pollution", and I have pretty good star gazing opportunities for living in a city of 160,000+ people -- I spotted a light, moving SSE>E, and moving at a pretty decent clip.  "Airplane, JBro, no big... wait, it's not blinking like an airplane should.... I think that's the International Space Station!"

Sure enough, a quick check of the internet proved my suspicion.

So, I guess if one has to be up at oh-my-gawd-thirty in the morning, getting to see ISS traverse the sky is a fair trade-off.

If you want to find out when and how to view the ISS, you can check your city using this website.


jon spencer said...

Here is another good site for spotting satellites and other things in space.

Old NFO said...

Heh, nice little wake up call, wasn't it! :-)

Michael Carrell said...

The best part of the day, get a quick twenty push-up done while waiting for the coffee. I find that using the first part of the day for self a better option, then on duty at 0600-1800 than a quick bite and read till its time for sleep.