August 2, 2018

Curry lentils

This past week, I was milling about on a Saturday, bored to tears, and the rain made any ideas of going out for a walk or hike in the hills a non-starter.  I decided to do some cooking, and as I've written about before, cooking for one is challenging, but cooking a meal for four and storing the leftovers for future use is easy. 

Digging around in the pantry, I found a bag of lentils and some tomato sauce, and decided to experiment a bit.

Curried Lentils and Rice

Rinse your lentils in a strainer, pick out any debris or obviously bad lentils.  Drain and pop them into the crock pot. 

Dice a medium onion and two or three normal carrots, then saute in a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a spoonful or more of minced garlic.  Once the onions and carrots are just starting to soften up, add a couple tablespoons of curry powder (hot or mild, your call.)  Saute another minute, then dump them into the crock pot with the lentils, along with a regular can of tomato sauce.  Cover the whole mess with water, and turn the heat on low. 

About 5-6 hours later, the lentils should be plenty soft.  Add any additional curry powder to your personal taste, along with salt if you wish (I did, so I did...just a scant teaspoon was enough.)

Serve on rice.

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