April 24, 2018

Weekend Mini Family Reunion

A few months ago, my mother decided to come visit me here in Colorado, and booked her airfare.  I took Thursday, Friday, and yesterday off work, and we figured we'd just tool around FoCo, maybe take a drive in the mountains, and generally enjoy a few days together. 

Well, she talked to her brother, my uncle Kenny, and made mention of her trip.  Uncle Ken's oldest daughter, my cousin Melanie, lives here in town with her husband and their two children, and Kenny told Mom that he and Aunt Sara might just drive up to visit while Mom was here.

Then Kenny talked with his brother, my Uncle Ray, and made mention of it as well.  Ray decided that he and his wife, Aunt Marie, would drive out from Omaha as well.

So Mom got to town on Thursday.  We grabbed a quick bite of lunch, and set up base camp in my apartment.  After a few hours of napping, I made a light dinner, and we loafed at my place that night, turning in early.  Friday found Mom and I shopping in Old Town Fort Collins, where she grabbed a few souvenirs, we had lunch, and then met up with Kenny and Sara and Ray and Marie at their hotel.  To our surprise, Aunt Deb, who also lives in Omaha, came along with Ray and Marie, so Mom got to see two of her brothers, two sisters-in-law, and her youngest sister, as well as seeing me.  It was a little mini-family reunion, and rather pleasant.  We grabbed dinner at a local tavern, played some cards back at the hotel, and called it a night. 

Saturday found us at cousin Mel's place, where we consumed a fair bit of beer, a veggie tray and a bag of chips with salsa, and then Mel brought out a roasted pork loin with fennel and olives and assorted side dishes.  A feast for royalty, it was.

On Sunday, the weather that had been mostly cloudy and a bit of drizzle finally cleared out, so Ray, Marie, Kenny, Deb, Mom, and I piled into Kenny's SUV and took a drive up into the hills.  They haven't seen much of the Colorado mountains, so I took them up Poudre Canyon along Highway 14, then down Stove Prairie Road to Rist Canyon Road, back into Fort Collins.  It's a nice drive, plenty of scenery, and they were glad to have a "local" do the driving so they could rubber-neck and take in the sights. 

Sunday dinner was a couple of pizzas at Mel's, then back to the hotel for a few more rounds of cards and general chattering on, like they do.  After some hugs and farewells, most everyone retired for the night. 

Monday, Mom and I had a final breakfast with Ken and Sara, then they hit the road south to Albuquerque, while Ray and Marie and Deb had already cut out for Omaha by 0730.  I took Mom to DEN so she could make her 1600 flight, and now it's back to the grind. 

A very enjoyable weekend indeed.

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Old NFO said...

Doesn't get any better than that! :-)