April 2, 2018

Gonna Sell Them...

... The dogs, that is.  Going to sell them to the House of Hunan Chinese restaurant down the street.

Two weeks ago today, I went home for lunch as I often do, and found the dogs had managed to knock my 48 inch flat screen television off the entertainment center, busting the screen.

Now I have to be honest: That TV didn't cost me more than a red cent or three.  I "bought" it back in, oh, 2010 or so, and "paid" for it by cashing in 150,000 frequent flier points, which was about half what I earned each year during my "I travel for business every week" job.  So, the airline points and a few bucks in taxes got the television delivered to my front door. 

And it was a good television.  Nice picture, sound, etc.  It followed me to Indiana and back to Colorado, and served me well.  8 years, no problems, essentially free.  I really can't complain. 

At any rate, two weeks ago, something got into the dogs, and the television ended up busted.  Frustrating, but so be it. 

A quick check around the interwebz and I located a 43 inch Visio television with "free in-store pickup today!" at the Walmart down the street.  Fine, that will work.  Here's the credit card info, I'll be by at 5 pm or so. 

And that TV has been fantastic.  It's much lighter than my old one was (8 years of technological advancement will do that, see), and has a brighter, crisper picture.

Well, it did.  Until today.  When the dogs knocked THAT one over as well. 

So I moved some money from savings, bought my second television in two weeks.  This time, however, I'm mounting it on the wall.  

And the dogs?  They're getting sold off to help defray the costs. 

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