February 27, 2018

Still Got The Skills

One of the perks of living as close to my office as I do is that I can walk home for lunch, eat something from the fridge, and walk back to the office and still be under the hour duration of lunch break.

Today, I was headed back to the office when I came upon a lady, probably in her 60's or so, who was walking her dog.  Dog was a puppy of some mixed breed, and quite rambunctious as puppies are wont to be.

At any rate, the dog saw me, and excitedly lunged, pulling the lady off balance.  I tried to grab her as she fell, but she still managed to whack her forehead on the sidewalk fairly solid.

Her forehead was lacerated, nice sized gash that needs stitches, and was bleeding fairly well, as head injuries do.  I grabbed some gauze from my IFAK (you DO have an Individual First Aid Kit that you carry on your person, right?  RIGHT?) and put pressure on the wound.  Helped her gently to her feet, and took control of the dog by taking the leash.  I offered to call her an ambulance, but she declined, and a quick down and dirty neuro exam revealed no deficits. 

I walked her to her car, grabbed some facial tissues she had handy, and added them to the gauze.  The bleeding was stemmed with the direct pressure, so I wasn't terribly worried.  Normal pulse and skin color, etc.  Just a significant gash to her head. 

I pointed her to the nearest Urgent Care clinic, gave her my business card that has my cell phone number on it, and offered to train her dog for her. 

It's been 10 years since I worked on an ambulance, but it's nice to know I still have those old paramedic skills when I need them.

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Old NFO said...

Well done, sir! :-)