February 15, 2018

Five Easy Steps

Over on the Book of Faces, an associate of an associate of mine is making the usual arguments for banning guns in the wake of yesterday's tragedy in Florida.

His comment:
"Jeff, what we should do is repeal the Second Amendment, have a mandatory buy back of most guns, outlaw the sale of most guns, and develop an import inspection program that would keep most guns out of our country."

I slept on it, because I'd had a couple beers last night and I know better than to get into internet discussions after drinking.  This morning, I wrote my reply:

OK. That's simple. Five easy steps:
First, get 2/3 of both houses of Congress to pass a bill that proposes repealing the 2nd Amendment.  Have the President sign it.   
At this point, you haven't done anything to reduce gun violence. 
Next, get 3/4 of the states to ratify the amendment. 
Still haven't done anything to reduce gun violence.  
Third, get another bill passed that makes possession of any firearm a federal offense. 
Still haven't done anything to reduce gun violence. 
Fourth, call for citizens to turn in any gun they own. 
Still haven't done anything to reduce gun violence.
Finally, mobilize the FBI, BATFE, state and local police agencies, and every other law enforcement office you can find (some of whom are pro-2A/civilian gun ownership) -- those law enforcement agencies that are well known for their restraint and professionalism in the face of violence (/sarcasm) -- and have them go door to door all across America, every house and apartment, searching for firearms.  You'll have to go to the homes of some 80+ million gun owners, searching for and seizing all firearms.  Ignore that pesky 4th Amendment while you're at it.  It's for the children, right? 
A great number of those 80+ million will refuse to comply, and you'll have to use force to get them to comply. Force that will, undoubtedly, turn deadly. The results will be bloodshed on a level this country has never seen before. Cops and citizens alike will be killed, all in the name of your objective. 
That's all you have to do.

I've yet to hear a reply. 


Old NFO said...

And you never will. The left is okay with killing us to take our guns. They just won't ADMIT it...

Glenn Webster said...

I'm currently having this argument with people around the world on FB and various netgroups.
A notable feature is the gun-blamers do not answer specific questions or propose specific solutions.
And these are intelligent people, many of them are teachers.
They seem to have a block on this topic.