January 10, 2018

The Proverbial One Legged Man

Things are hopping at the moment, and I'm struggling to keep up with it all:

Last weekend (5-7 Jan) I flew out to Washington-Dulles and met up with a couple friends as we all attended a memorial service for a mutual friend.  While the occasion was somber, it was nice to spend time with my friends.  We're all scattered hither and yon, and it's the rare moment we get to see each other. 

Got back to the office on Monday, and things are getting crazy busy at work.  Got new customers coming in faster than we can handle them all, and I've been logging some serious hours... Putting 10 billable hours in a day for two straight now, and no signs of it slowing down for at least a month.

Add in all the new customer work, on top of the existing customers that always seem to have break-fix issues, and it's a madhouse. 

On a positive note, the problem customers are slowly getting weeded out, and the customers we do have are the "right kind" -- people who don't try to do stupid stuff with their computers like install "free software I found on a website" or forget their Windows password every Monday morning.  Rather, we've got folks who know how to use a business computer to do business stuff, folks who understand that not every single oddity is an emergency that must be fixed NOW, and so forth.

Still and all, I feel like that one legged man in a butt kicking contest.

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Old NFO said...

Better that that napping in the office chair... Just sayin'