January 22, 2018

Glad That Wasn't Worse

Worked rather late into the evening on Thursday, and woke up Friday feeling a bit sick.

Nothing horrible, just a mild fever and a cough, bit of body aches, but decided to exercise a bit of caution and I took the day off work.  If it wasn't anything, then so be it, but if I was actually coming down with an illness, I certainly didn't want to risk spreading it around the office.

Spent most of Friday and Saturday holed up.  LOTS of fluids, a few naps, and orange juice and chicken soup by the gallon.

Feeling normal now, and I think maybe I dodged a bullet.  Probably just a bit of a cold, but certainly not the flu that's causing a lot of folks a lot of frustration.

There's something to be said for living alone and not being a very social person: I don't interact with many people, which means the risk of catching whatever illness they might have is mitigated to a large degree.


Suz said...

Good for you on staying low and flushing it out. My experience has been most folks try to tough it out and wind up contaminating the entire office.

Old NFO said...

The other side of that is that you don't build up the herd immunity either... Glad you dodged the bullet in any case! :-)