November 27, 2017

Turkey Day Weekend

Gotta admit, it was really nice having the four day weekend over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Turkey day itself, I grabbed my 12G, some #4 steel shells, my blaze orange vest, and went out to the eastern plains of Colorado.  There are some walk-in hunting areas on private land -- the state pays land owners a certain sum of money to NOT grow crops on a portion of land, and in return the landowners let hunters walk in and hunt game, no special permissions necessary.  I was solo, the fields otherwise empty, and I just walked, hoping to scare up a pheasant or two.  Not an easy task without a well trained dog and adequate prior scouting trips, but what the hell, I was enjoying just being afield.  Got skunked, which I sorta expected, but again, a bad day hunting beats a good day working.

On my way back, I stopped in the Pawnee Grasslands at the shooting area and dug out the Sig P250.  I've taken the advice of a few folks and have been doing dry fire practice daily, working on getting the trigger pull committed to muscle memory (yes, I know there's really no such thing, but this is my blog and I can type that if I want to) and controlling the muzzle at trigger break.  I ran 100 rounds down range at 5 yards, and ended up with this:

As you can see, quite a few fliers here and there, which means I'm not being consistent with grip and trigger press.  Later that evening, I went back to dry firing with the MantisX training system attached, and really focused on repeating the same shot over and over and over.  More on that in a minute.

Friday was a blue banner day, the kind we typically don't tell anyone about, lest they learn about the amazing weather here and more folks move in.  At any rate, I stayed as far from retail stores as I could, save for an 8am run to the grocery store to get a pound of bacon and some more coffee.  I went walking with the dogs for a bit, then took the Sig BACK to the gun range for yet another session.

Remembering to focus on consistency, I ran another hundred rounds of CCI Mini-Mag .22LR at 5 yards, and had improved results:

That's much better, yet there's still a long way to go.  Those upper right 9-ring shots don't bother me TOO much, but I honestly have no idea what happened to cause that lower-left shot.  At any rate, maybe there's something to this "practice" thing.

After returning home, swapping in the FCU to the .45ACP frame, I went to my cousin Mel's for dinner.  She'd made up a nice pork tenderloin, and it was enjoyable to have dinner with her and her family.  I should do that more often.

Saturday, after a long walk with the dogs again, I decided to head to the brewery for a pint and some food truck chow.  Giving credit when credit is due, I have to admit that the food truck made a _damn_ fine bowl of chili (with beans, of course, because otherwise it's just sloppy joe mix), and might be the second best chili I've ever had (behind mine, of course).

Sunday was an adulting day, doing laundry and other chores I'd ignore the previous three days.  Still managed to sneak in some reading, a bit of Zombie-slaying on the Playstation, and took a respectable nap.

Hope your holiday weekend was as enjoyable as mine.

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Old NFO said...

Cooked way to much, ate way too much, and glad you enjoyed your chili SOUP... :-) And yes, practice DOES improve one's shooting. I'd venture a guess that low left was a grip issue, as the ring and pinkie fingers rolled the gun left and down.