November 14, 2017

That Was... Odd

Had a dream last night that was... odd.

My buddy Micah and I were out hunting elk in the north central mountains of Colorado.  It was a lovely day, bright sun, just enough chill in the air to make elk want to get up and move to generate heat, and you could see your breath as you walked.

We'd left a grove of aspens, rich in color (which is odd, because all the leaves have dropped by now) and were looking over a small pond about 200 yards away.  A small group of elk had come in for a drink, and we were just waiting for a bull, because out OTC tags only allow us to take a bull elk.

Micah saw a nice bull, took a good shot with his 300 WSM, and dropped the elk on the spot.  I told him I'd go get the ATV from camp (also odd, since neither of us owns an ATV) and meet him at the elk, while he goes forward and starts gutting the thing and getting ready for transport.

Shouldering my rifle, I ran back to camp (odd, since I don't run) and got the ATV, then headed back to where Micah dropped the elk.  When I approached, I saw what looked like a black bear running towards him.  But the bear was running on two feet, instead of all four (odd, because... well, bears don't run on two feet, duh).

I grabbed my 30.06, made sure I had a round in the chamber, and lined up the scope, just to get a better picture of what was going on (odd, since I had binoculars, and I never use my scope to glass).  The "bear" lept at Micah, and I saw the bottom of the bear's feet... "Is that?... Are those?... Is that bear wearing Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers?  Da fuq?"

I ran up to the "bear" and butt stroked it once on the back, which caused it to cease beating up my buddy and turn towards me.  Somehow, in the tussle, Micah had grabbed the bear's ears, and when the bear rolled away and faced me, the mask came off and I saw a human face under the bear costume.

Then I woke up.

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Old NFO said...

Okay, THAT is a strange one... :-)