November 9, 2017

Texas, Facts, and Keeping Your Pie Hole Shut

I've been trying lately to be a bit more patient and deliberate when I hear any news story pop up that perks my interest.  It's what LawDog and Old NFO call the 72 hour rule -- Everything you hear or see or read in the first 72 hours is likely to be wrong.  Keep your trap shut, wait for the facts to come out, and don't repeat stuff you hear during the first 72 hours.

I've seen liberals doing the blood dance, calling for more gun control even before 24 hours had passed.  I've seen conservatives sharing claims that the shooter* in Texas had converted to Islam and joined ISIS (this was shared by several people I know by NOON on Sunday).  

This is what is wrong with us today.  We have our beliefs, we often steadfastly refuse to listen to other ideas or accept facts that don't fit, and we're quick to share things that affirm our pre-conceived notions before we've verified their authenticity.  We use biased sources to support our statements.  We live and breathe in an echo chamber, and that's a recipe for disaster.  

I don't know if the shooter converted to Islam or not.  I don't particularly care.  Doesn't make a damn bit of difference.  It's that we don't know if it is true yet.  

But that doesn't stop us from parroting that which we simply want to believe.  

Remember the "Antifa day of uprising" that was supposed to happen last weekend?  Yeah, about that...

I would encourage all of my readers to consider this the next time you hear some story.  Don't believe everything you hear or read, and for the first 72 hours, keep an open mind and a closed mouth.

* This author does not publish the names of criminals, terrorists, or scumbags.  The church shooter in Texas meets all three of those criteria.  

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