November 15, 2017

Oh My Aching Legs

We've got a new "client" of sorts at work.

The business is an assisted living facility type place, and the corporation that owns it uses an IT company out of Oregon.  They, in turn, have sub-contracted with us to build the infrastructure and do the work that cannot be done remotely... Build and configure the server rack, install switches in the rack, patch cables between server and switches and firewalls and so forth, deploy and set up PCs, and that sort of thing.

I started on the project on Monday, and that was the easy day: Build the server rack, get the APC and server and switches into the rack, and connect to the internet.  Easy peasy, mac and cheesy.

Tuesday and today, however, involved a lot of walking.  Down the hall, up a ladder, find the data drop in the ceiling tiles, pull the tile, down the ladder, walk back to my work area, mount an access point, walk back down the hall, back up the ladder, put the tile with AP in place, back down the ladder, down the hall to the next location.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

For 14 different wireless AP locations.

Today was PC deployment.  Grab a computer, walk to the proper location, install the PC and monitor and so forth, back to the supply room, another computer, walk to the next location... You get the idea.

Fitness app on my phone says I walked 10,984 steps yesterday and 13,390 steps today.  Given my normal step is about 3 feet, that works out to just shy of 14 miles walked.

In two days.

Which kinda explains why my legs are sore.


Suz said...

Motrin is your friend! Along with a hot shower...

Old NFO said...

Well, you got your 10,000 step goals... :-D