September 25, 2017

Fall Has, uh, Fallen Randomness

Thursday, we had a bright sunny sky, nary a cloud seen, and a (record) high temp of 92 degrees.

This entire weekend was cloudy, gray, drizzly, and it rained a fair bit.  Oh, and it almost broke 60 degrees on Sunday.  Plus there's snow up in the high country, down to about 9,000 feet.

Welcome to fall in the Rockies.

I spent much of the weekend being domesticated: Cleaned the apartment top to bottom (it needed it), cleaned the interior of the Taco, and made a big ol' pot of chili (with beans, because).

Getting kinda tired of everything politics.  President Trump created quite the stir with his comments about the NFL players taking a knee during the National Anthem.  Naturally, it got out of hand, and I'm done with it all.  Players have the right to protest if they wish.  NFL team owners, if they wish, can fire their employees.  The fans can refuse to watch if they wish.  I can think this is all a bunch of bovine excrement if I wish.

Both of the dogs are blowing their coat in preparation for winter.  This means I get large clumps of fur that just appear out of nowhere.  Ran the vacuum on Sunday before noon.  Emptied it five times, finally finished.  About 2pm I went to the brewery for a pint, and came back to find four -- FOUR! -- large clumps of fur.  I'm talking "Man, I could make three or four fly fishing flies from this" sized clumps.  If I lost that much hair in a day, I'd look like Telly Savalas.

One of the other senior system engineers at work is moving back to his home state of Wisconsin.  He'll remain employed and work remotely, with the occasional trip back here, but it looks like my plate just got a lot busier.

It was one year ago today that I left Indiana (again) and returned to Colorado.

Now that I've got things pretty stabilized at home and work and such, I will be reworking my household budget to find space to save more money.  I know where to make the cuts (beer expense alone is far beyond where it should be), just have to do it.

This Saturday is the end of the 2017 Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraiser.  It's been a lean year, but I still managed to raise a couple hundred bucks, most of that coming from our Pint Night at Maxline Brewing company.  Every bit helps, so feel free to head over to the website and hit the Donate button.  Be sure to select a fundraising team at checkout (I'd appreciate if you donated to Team JBro, but pick whomever you want) and give as you can.

And next week on Friday, I'll be taking the dogs to the kennel and myself to Blogorado for the second year in a row.  This gathering of the tribe is always a good time, and it recharges the batteries of my soul like nothing else.

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