June 6, 2017

Small Differences

One of the things I'm noticing when driving the Tacoma is the number of "little things" that are different from the Jeep.

Obviously every vehicle is different, and while many things are pretty consistent across the board, there are slight nuances and features (or lack thereof) on different cars that require you to change habits a bit.

For example, my Jeep had automatic headlights.  If it was dark enough, or if the windshield wipers were turned on for more than two swipes of the blades, the headlights would automatically turn on and stay on until such time that the wipers were off for 30 seconds or there was sufficient daylight.  The Taco doesn't have that.  So now I have to reprogram my brain to think "Yeah, you just turned on your wipers because of the rain.... Better turn on the headlights, too."

Another difference is the door locks.  In the Heep, the doors would auto-lock once I was above 10 miles an hour.  Taco doesn't do that.  Since locking your car doors while driving is a security measure that everyone should be doing, I have to remind myself to hit the door lock button before I start driving.

One other thing, and this is more "annoyance" than anything else, is the compass and temperature readout... I can't see the display if I'm wearing my sunglasses -- has something to do with the LCD display and the light filter on my prescription glasses -- so I have to dip my sunglasses down just a bit and look over the top, or remove them entirely.  This isn't really an issue here in the Front Range of Colorado, since you've always got the mountains to guide you -- If the mountains are on your left, you're facing more-or-less North -- but it still annoys me.

Overall, however, I can't complain.  The first two items are safety-related, and thus since my safety is my responsibility, I just have to get into the habit.  The third is an annoyance, but I can live with it.

It really is interesting to me how you get so used to a certain way of things that you don't notice them until they are gone.

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Old NFO said...

Yeah, those are 'always' fun... It took me about three months to sort those out.