June 2, 2017

Sick. As. A. Dog.

First time in 19 years, I checked sick to work yesterday.  Actually I went in to the office, left afte an hour because I felt like hell.

Dry scratchy throat, cough, runny nose, chest congestion, etc.

Left the office at 9:15, went home.  Took a long, hot, steamy shower, drank a few gallons of water, a quart or more of hot cider (I may or may not have added a splash of bourbon... Hey, alcohol kills bacteria, right?), and a few shots of cough syrup.  A nap, another shower, more water... Then finally around 7:00 pm or so I stopped the dry cough.

Took another hot shower, went to bed.

This morning, the cough is at least somewhat productive, and the fever and chills are gone.

I've got nothing at the moment, just focusing on getting over this crud.  In the interim, go read the folks in the Blogroll.  They've probably got something worth reading.


Old NFO said...

Get well, and if you're still hacking next week, go to the damn doctor!

Suz said...

Ugh! Feel better! There is a spring cold thing running around.

My boss came into the work on Tuesday sounding like she was the walking dead. Since the corporate bigwigs were there for survey she had to stick it out. Today was the first day she sounded like herself again.

Keep pushing the fluids to flush the crud out.