June 12, 2017

A Fine Weekend

One of the pleasant aspects of living here is that I'm not *IN* Denver, but also not far from it.

Which means that if a friend of mine from Nashville happens to be flying through Denver International Airport on Saturday, I can swing down there, meet up with her in the non-secure area, catch up over a beer and chat for an hour or so before she flies home.  I haven't seen LD in a few years, and it was really great to see her.

It also means that if another friend from Connecticut happens to be driving across country on vacation with his wife and 2 year old child, and happens to be coming across on I-70, I can swing down on Sunday afternoon, meet up with them at Station 26 Brewing Company for a pint, some food truck grub, and few hours of chat.

Getting to see one long time friend in a weekend is a blessing.  Getting to see TWO in the same weekend?  Well, that's just as good a weekend as a man could ever want.

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Old NFO said...

That is outstanding! :-)