May 19, 2017

Well, That Sucks

Credit union said no.

See, the issue is that I haven't used credit for over 5 years.  I haven't needed to, and therefore when they pulled my credit report, the score came back "null".

It's disappointing that not having missed a single payment, not having debt, not over-extending my income, saving $6000 in 10 weeks, and having a salary closer to $100,000 than it is to $50,000 isn't considered "responsible with money" these days.

Then they wonder why the banks get into the fix they were in back in '08.

Damn it all.


Suz said...

Well...bummer!! Can't you go in and talk with one of the loan officers and point that responsible stuff out? I know you recently moved into the area, but still, it doesn't sound like you are slinging burgers at Micky D's. You have a (decent paying)job, your landlord can report you pay your rent on time, etc. Ask what they would need to see to grant a loan. Responsible behavior should count towards something.

Will said...

Oh oh. Logic pertaining to "credit" is somewhat backwards. The want you to be USING it on a continual basis. In a responsible manner, of course.
Establishing it is a bitch, usually. Catch-22 situation. You have to have it, to get it.

Long time ago, I went to Sears to attempt this. Had the cash, but told them I wanted to establish a credit history. Was told, "we don't do that, come back when you have it". Never did. I figured that they didn't need, or want, my business. Doubt I spent $200 there in several decades. I see they are circling the drain.