May 30, 2017

On The Road Again

Saturday morning, I caught a lift from a friend and went to the local auto dealership and put the keys to a 2010 Tacoma in my pocket.

It's a nice ride.  Driver seat has plenty of leg room, which is kinda important for me, being 6'5" tall and all.  Didn't find anything physically wrong with the vehicle... No signs of rust other than what you'd expect on a 7 year old vehicle, and clean interior and exterior all over.  Really a nice vehicle.

Naturally, I had to take her out for some "Getting to know you" time, so I ducked back to the apartment, grabbed my Sig P250, a couple hundred rounds of .22LR, and the range bag and drove out to the Pawnee Grassland to punch holes into paper.

Sunday found me doing much the same: Got up in the morning, burned down the ammo supply a bit, then went to Zwei Brewing for a couple slices of food truck pizza and a pint.

Sunday afternoon, I took a quick lap around Horsetooth Reservoir, before heading over to Veteran's Memorial Park, where I read names of soldiers who died in Vietnam for 20 minutes at the traveling Vietnam Memorial, before watching the memorial ceremony and listened as they played "Taps".

Monday, I started putting the assorted gear I prefer to keep in my vehicle into the Tacoma.  Things like an extra stocking cap and pair of gloves and pair of warm socks, a tarp, some rope/paracord, an emergency stove and a can to melt snow to make water, and that sort of thing.

At any rate, I've got a vehicle again, and it's a nice feeling.  Walking everywhere for 3 months certainly put things into perspective, and while it wasn't a terrible inconvenience, it did make some things a bit more logistically challenging.

Oh, and I'm back in debt for the next 5 years... *sigh*

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Old NFO said...

Congrats. Mobility DOES have a value. :-)