April 28, 2017

This Might Shape Up Nicely

While it's only April, and the 2017 Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraiser challenge is several months away yet, I've managed to get a fundraising event in place.

Fort Collins, among other things, is known for craft breweries, and one of those is generously helping me out.

Maxline Brewing, one of my favorites in town, is going to have a Pint Night, where they will donate 20% of the proceeds from that day to KTKC.

In addition, I am in talks with one of the local urology physician groups to see if they can match dollar for dollar any funds raised, as well as have a urologist come to the event with me to answer any questions that might come up.

Finally, I've checked with a few local bike shops (Ft. C is also a huge cycling town), and am hoping that one of them will donate a new bike we can raffle off at $10 a ticket to raise even more money.

This could be a "yuuuge" fundraising event, and I'm pretty stoked about it.

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