April 25, 2017

Random Musings

I need to quit asking people "How f#%@ing stupid can you be?"
  • Some people are apparently taking it as a challenge. 
Every computer system I design is, by nature, quite nearly perfect.  
  • Until I let other people start touching their computers.  Then it goes to hell in rapid fashion.
No, ma'am, in point of fact, I do not have the ability to change a route in AT&T's routers.  That's something they're going to have to do.  
  • Yes, I already asked.  
  • No, I don't know when it will be done.
  • Well, that's because you're too cheap to purchase your own DNS server.  
Some customers you just have an instant kinship with the first time you meet them.  
  • Or so I've heard.  
Despite all of the above, there are times when your planning, careful attention to detail, and meticulous documentation pays off.  
  • When another sys admin says "This is a thing of beauty... I've never seen anything so perfect before..." is when you know you did the job right.  

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