March 19, 2017

Wants and Needs

It's now the end of the third week without a car/vehicle, and I can't really say that it's been much of an inconvenience.

So far I have to admit that my needs are being met on foot.

My needs are quite simple: I need to be able to get to work, I need to be able to get food.  That's pretty much it, really.  Most of the rest of things in our lives are "wants", not "needs."

I want to go uptown for a sandwich and a couple beers at Coopersmith's, but I don't NEED to.  

I need to deposit my paycheck at the bank every other Friday, but I don't NEED to go to the bank to do that (my bank's mobile app allows me to take pictures of the check and deposit it that way... I haven't, because I can walk to the bank branch.)

I want to get busy improving my pistol work, but I don't NEED to go to the range to do that... Dry fire practice with the MantisX system I won in the Kilted to Kick Cancer contest will suffice for now.

I want to continue making home brew beer, but I don't NEED to go to the local home brew store to get the supplies, as I can purchase the items on line and have them delivered.

I want to spend more time outdoors, but I don't NEED to drive up into the mountains to make that happen -- There are paths, trails, and parks here in the city.

I want to continue making food at home to save money and have healthier meals, but I don't NEED to drive to the grocery store, as I can walk across the street.  (Yes, it does make for a bit of a challenge, trying to figure out what I can buy and carry home, and rather than make one trip every 10 days or so, I'm going to the grocery every two or three days, since I can't carry as much as I could in the cargo area of the Heep.  But again, that's want vs. need.)

My phone has an app that tracks my walking, if I choose to, and I've logged over 6,000 steps every day -- save one -- since I started tracking on March 1st.  Some days are closer to 12,000 steps.  One day I walked over 4.4 miles, just doing regular stuff (convenience store for a pack of smokes, grocery, went to see a movie, went to a new brewery in the area, etc.)

At any rate, I'm finding that I can make do with less and less and it doesn't bother me a bit at the moment to not have a vehicle.  I'm giving serious thought to holding off as long as I can, perhaps until September or so, in order to have as much cash as possible to put towards a vehicle.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to walk over to the Gilded Goat Berewery, because I want to meet my friend for a beer on the patio.  When it's 73 degrees in Northern Colorado in March, you sit on the patio and drink beer... it's what we do.


Suz said...

73 in March!! Wow! Don't blame you, I would be finding a reason to sit outside also.
I was excited that it was 50 here.

Old NFO said...

Socking money back first is a GREAT idea! As is fulfilling the needs now, and wants later!