March 23, 2017

The Death of Civility

I've had it with people.   Civility and politeness in debate and discussion appears, for the most part, to be dead.

I'll admit that I've struggled with this in the past, but I'd like to think that, for the most part, I am able to articulate my differences with people of other political views with civility and reasoned discussion.  I don't have to agree with you to respect you, and I don't have to like you to be polite to you.  It's rare, I hope, that I am impolite.

Sadly, I don't see much of that today from people on the political left.  To be fair, we didn't see much of it from people on the political right between, say, 2008 and 2016, so they don't get a pass... Mind your own house, right?

But this?

Painting President Trump's face on the wall, using a urinal for his mouth?

That's beyond the pale.  That's not civil discourse, that's not reasoned dissent, that's not a political statement.

That's just disgusting.

I can only imagine the outrage we'd hear from the same people who did this if Mrs. Clinton had won and the painting was of her, not him.

I'm done talking to people of a different political mind if this is what they find funny.  Yes, you're entitled to your free expression, and no, I don't want anyone to be penalized legally for this sort of thing.

But I damn sure don't have to show my support for it, and I damn sure don't have to talk to you if this is what you believe.

Disagree, debate, converse, and have conversations.  I encourage the talk, I do.  But have some fucking class and dignity.

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Old NFO said...

That's gone by the wayside...