March 8, 2017

Diesel Power

I've been without the Heep for a little more than a week now, and am relying on Diesel Power.

I look at my legs and feet and say "Diesel get me where I need to go for now..."

Again, I'm fortunate that I live close to my job (1,367 feet as the crow flies, or 1,775 feet as the man walks, per Google Maps), along with a grocery store and liquor store across the street, a Wal Mart less than a mile away, a couple pubs/restaurants, etc.  Also, being a medium sized city, ride services like Uber and Lyft are available, should I find an overpowering desire to go up town and I don't want to ride my bicycle.

In addition to this, I have a very very dear friend who has left a standing offer of the use of his truck (and if I can get the bank to approve the loan in a few months, I might buy that truck from him... It's a 2011 Tacoma with less than 20,000 miles -- he drives his work vehicle to/from work, and rarely drives his truck) and my cousin has also offered use of her family's second vehicle.

But for all that, I haven't found myself in a spot where I needed a vehicle the past week and a half.  I've been looking for alternative methods to get the things I need that I would normally use my Jeep to get.  For example, I have two dogs, and it's more economical to purchase dog food in 31 pound bags than buying the smaller and man portable 7 pound bags (and yes, before you ask, I *could* carry a 31 pound bag the 3/4 mile from Wal Mart... But I choose not to.)  I searched Amazon a bit and signed up for their subscription service: Every 3 weeks, they will deliver a 31 pound bag to my apartment door.  I don't have to drive the short distance, fuss with traffic or other (read: Annoying) people at the store, and the cost difference is minimal.

Fort Collins is a very bicycle friendly city, with extensive paved bike paths, dedicated bicycle lanes on many of the roads, and a population that recognizes cyclists as equal users of the roads.  Also, despite being nestled up to the foothills, the city itself is actually fairly flat, so I've taken to riding my bicycle for distances beyond a couple miles.  Saturday, I rode 5 miles (well, just shy of 5 miles) round trip to the home brewing supply store for a few items so I can bottle the beer I have brewing.

As a side note, the local constabulary shares in the "cyclists are equal users of the road" mentality, and will enforce traffic laws the same for cyclists as they do motorists... Fail to signal a turn, run a light, don't have proper safety equipment on your bike like a light or reflectors and you face a ticket.  It's quite reasonable, in my opinion, and I approve.

The one down side to all of this is that I'm limited in my ability to get to the range for some recoil therapy.  The indoor range I like is 11.3 miles via roadways from my apartment (one way), and the outdoor range is 29.5 miles one way.  Both of those are beyond bicycle range for me, and at any rate it would be difficult to ride a bike and carry 100 rounds of ammo, my range bag, and the guns.  So for now, I'll have to make do with dry-fire and  

I think I'll be able to survive without a vehicle for a couple months while I save a large chunk of cash to make a substantial down payment.  Given the good salary I'm making, along with very few bills (rent, electricity, internet service, and food is it.... No car insurance bill now, company provides and pays for my cell phone, etc.), I should be able to save quickly.

Oh, and the weather is getting better, which makes walking or cycling an enjoyable experience rather than an ordeal to endure.


Old NFO said...

And an added bonus is you're getting in better physical shape too!

Suz said...

Save as much as you can!! Winter will come back in a few months, so then you may think about getting a car, but if you can get around fine without one, save the $$.