March 27, 2017

A Fine Weekend

Spent the weekend doing fun stuff for me.  As you know, I've been working hard to be frugal, but I decided that every once in a while, I need to do something fun for me.

Saturday, I borrowed my friend's vehicle (a very nice 2011 Toyota Tacoma that I might purchase from him) and ran a few errands that needed done and needed a vehicle to do them.  I took a bag of empty aluminum ans to the recycling center, picked up a bed frame and headboard, and ducked into the local home brewing supply store for a few things.

Then I just went for a drive.  I drove north of the city, amid the foothills and rugged, sparse, ranch country.  My goal was the Cherokee Park Wildlife Area to  scout for deer and elk for this coming fall's hunting season.  I'd misjudged the time and distance, however, so I didn't quite get there.  At least now I have a better idea of how long it would take me to get there for future scouting trips.

Coming back into town, I stopped at Pateros Creek Brewing Company, which is one of the 22 or so craft breweries here in Fort Collins.  They are, unfortunately, going to be closing up shop on April 1st, as the space they occupy has become far too expensive to rent and they have yet to secure alternative space.  I had a pint of the Stimulator Rye Pale Ale, and it was quite pleasant.

I swung back to the apartment, then returned my friend's vehicle to him.  We hung out at his house for a while, watched the first half of the Gonzaga/Xavier men's college basketball game, then I took my leave and walked home.  Took a short nap, then walked over to Otto Pint for a pizza and another beer.

Sunday, I woke at an incredibly late hour for me -- 7:45 am -- and made a monster of a breakfast, including corned beef hash with green chiles, two eggs, and toast with my sister's home made strawberry jam.  Then I commenced to brewing some beer, making an apricot wheat beer.  It has Northern and Mt. Hood hops, and I mashed up a can of apricots and added them to the carbouy with the beer.  I'd have preferred to use fresh apricots, peeled and mushed, but there were none to be found at my local grocery.  I figure I'll give it a week, then rack it over to secondary fermentation and bottle after another week.  Next beer, by request of a friend, is going to be a Marzen (although, technically, it won't be, since I won't be able to brew it until April 1st... Aprilzen?)

After the beer was in fermentation, I slid over to the local sports pub, watched a bit of the Florida/South Carolina basketball game, then returned home.  In order to apply for a hunting tag, in Colorado, if you're born after 1949, you need to take a Hunter Safety Class.  Fortunately you can do most of it on-line, then finish the class with an in-person shortened version (basically, live fire exercises to prove you can hit the broad side of a barn at 25 yards and know how to clear a malfunction in your gun.)  While I understand the need for hunter education, some of the parts of this on-line class are just foolish:


At any rate, I finished the videos, and Wednesday afternoon I'll be taking a half day to go do the live fire part.  The good thing is that this is a one-and-done thing... I'll never need to take the class again.

We also got some rain on Sunday afternoon, and much needed at that.  At the moment, Colorado is drier than a popcorn fart, and the risk of wildfire is quite high.

Wrapped up the weekend with dinner at home Sunday, a nice bottle of my own Java Porter, and some television before turning in to bed a whole hour before I normally do.

T'was a fine weekend indeed.

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Old NFO said...

Sometimes just doing nothing is a great weekend!!! :-)