February 10, 2017

Back the Truck Up

An open letter to my IT clients:

If you are planning on an upgrade of your company's business application, and you've been planning on this for a few weeks, and part of the upgrade process is to get a full backup of your server, you might want to let your IT Managed Service Provider know about this...

... And do so with more than a 5 minute advanced notice.  Sorry, but no, your on demand backup job won't be ready in the next ten minutes.  Have your software vendor go get some breakfast, come back in two hours or so.

(Before the other IT folks chastise me: We do incremental backups during the week, full backups on Saturday.  So last night -- Thursday -- we did an incremental.  The next full was scheduled for tomorrow.)

1 comment:

Old NFO said...

Oh yeah... That would work 'well'... sigh