January 24, 2017

Time to Thin the Herd

Over on Face Book, which is a cesspool of scum, generally, I'm going to start hiding posts from some folks.

The reason is very simple:  Trump is not Hitler.

I've gotten so sick and tired of the divide between ideologies in this country that I'm done listening to anyone who can't come up with a better criticism of President Trump than "He's LITERALLY HITLER!"

People who use this phrase fall into one of two camps: Either they don't know what the word "literally" means, or they are too intellectually lazy (or incompetent) to formulate a better argument.

Either way, I'm done with them.

I've got enough conflict in my life.  I don't need to voluntarily subject myself to more.

I don't like Donald Trump.  He was not my choice for President, and frankly I'm concerned of the damage he could inflict on America, both domestically and abroad.

There are many positions he has taken, and things he has said, with which I find great disagreement.  If you want to discuss President Trump with me, you'll need do form a logical argument, based on facts, supported by reason.

But he's NOT "literally Hitler!"

When Donald Trump loads 9 million people into rail cars and ships them off to gas chambers, come talk to me -- I'll be up toward the front of the line of people marching towards D.C. to throw his ass in prison.  But unless that happens, I'm done with anyone who uses the "literally Hitler!" argument.

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