January 3, 2017

Heep Repairs

Well, I guess I can't really complain all that much, as she's been good to me so far.

I drive a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and have for some time now.  She's taken me up in the high country of Colorado, made at least 4 trips between Colorado and Indiana, and has run like a champ for 11 years and 190,000+ miles.

In that time, I've had to do very little, really: A new starter two years ago, a front drive shaft this past August, and routine stuff like oil changes and brake pads and new tires and such.  Not a lot, really.

But that's all about to change: There's a problem with the fan and it has been drawing too much power, which not only caused a short and a blown fuse, but also burnt the fan motor.  Thus, turning on the heat produces very little, well, HEAT.  And in the winter in Colorado, that can be an issue of concern.

In addition to that, it seems she is leaking oil, and thus I need some leaking items replaced.

All in all, I'm looking at around $2,000 in repairs.

Fortunately, this is after the holidays, and after I finished paying rent on two apartments.  I was sort of looking forward to having that extra $600+/month, but I guess buying parts to finish building my second AR-15 is going to have to wait.  I'm getting the heating system fixed today and tomorrow, and will be diligent about checking the oil every other day until I get another paycheck under my belt next week, when I can get the leaking oil stuff taken care of.

It's always something.



Old NFO said...

Smart move! Good reliable transport is important, especially up there!

Jeff B said...

True. I'm fortunate that I live a 5 minute walk from the office, and have the necessary stores (grocery, liquor) also within walking distance, so if worst came to be, I'd just have to walk to the places I need to go for a while.

But yeah, I'd feel better with a reliable vehicle.