January 19, 2017

Civil Rights Victory

In the 7th Circuit Court, a victory for Second Amendment Rights:

People younger than 18 have a Second Amendment right to target practice, with adult supervision. Broad bans on the location of firing ranges are unconstitutional. On these points, all three judges of a 7th Circuit panel agree, in the newly decided Ezell II.

This is good for 2A rights.  As is no surprise to anyone, Chicago has a long and extensive history of laws that make gun ownership and use de facto illegal.

In this ruling, the judges rule that allowing minor children to shoot with proper supervision is legal.  I'd wager that nothing is as effective at reducing gun injuries among young children as proper education and teaching about guns.  When you teach them proper use and safety, they learn to respect the weapon, rather than be fascinated by the unknown.  I'm always baffled by folks who advocate teaching safe sex to children under that same logic -- 'If you educate them, you take away the mystery and promote safer activity" -- but abhor teaching kids about guns.  Never understood that dichotomy.

At any rate, now Chicago residents can take their kid to the range with Ye Olde Plinker of Cans and let their children shoot.  To my mind, that's a good thing.

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