January 20, 2017

An Open Letter to President Trump

First, let me congratulate you on your victory in the Presidential election.  It was a lengthy, contested, and often unsightly election, but you stayed the course and won.

Now it's time to get to work.

I'd implore you to remember that we are a diverse country, and all of the citizens living here deserve your respect and equality of treatment.

Whites.  Blacks.  Men.  Women.  Christians.  Jews.  Muslims.  Young.  Old.  Wealthy.  Poor.  Conservatives.  Liberals.  Libertarians.  Heterosexuals.  Homosexuals.  Broncos fans.  Patriots fans.  People who put beans in their chili.  People who don't.  Those who think that dry spices on brisket constitutes barbecue.  Those who prefer slow cooked shredded pork with vinegar sauce.  

We are all Americans, and if you start singling out any group for persecution, you'll find out that we, Americans, don't stand for that sort of thing.  Stand up for the rights of all, or step aside.

Get the federal government under control, and make cuts where you can.  You're a businessman, start streamlining the business of running the United States of America.  Less government intrusion into our lives.  Less regulation and control.  More efficiency.  Less debt.  More prosperity.  You'll find that if you focus your efforts on making the playing field level for all, and then step back, most Americans will do just fine making their own way.  We're a resourceful lot, and all we need is for the .fed to get out of our way.  Yes, there are some who will take the easy way out, but by and large we're a nation of people willing to work hard to make our way.  Let us do that.

When you are faced with a difficult situation that has no clear answers, I want you to first ask this question: "Will this decision increase or decrease the freedom of individual citizens?"  If the answer is the latter, it's the wrong thing to do.  Above all else, put individual liberty and personal freedom first.  I don't care if you think a law is going to make me safer.  I don't want you to try to make me safer.  My safety is MY responsibility.  Not yours.  I'll take freedom and risk over restriction and safety every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Keep our troops at home.  They've fought enough, and we don't need to police the world.  Let the other countries handle their problems.  We've got no business in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, or anywhere else.  Let 'em fight among themselves.  Our soldiers belong here, guarding and fighting for OUR country.  Promote programs and means of providing assistance to those soldiers who have faced combat and are having trouble dealing with it.  Those men and women put their lives on the line when they were told to... the very least we can do for them is help them when they return.

Fiscal responsibility.  Equality of treatment.  Expanded individual freedom.  Less government intrusion.

Those are my demands to you, Mr. President.

I did not vote for you.  But you are now the President of the country I call home, and I wish you the best.

Get to work.  Don't fuck it up.


Suz said...

I did vote for him, for the same reasons you talk about. I didn't see anyone else on the ticket that I thought would order and follow through on ways to streamline the business of government. I felt less is definitely more in this case. Private industry has been having to do more with less for quite a while now, in many instances due to increased governmental regulation. Get the government out of the way.
Set up systems to help the vets promptly and efficiently. Then give the military the equipment they need to do their job, and maybe we wont have so many coming home with haunted eyes, and thousand yard stares. Going to museums, hat in hand, for spare parts to keep equipment running, while inventive, is just stupid, never mind dangerous.

Get factories up and running so parts can be manufactured here in the US of A. If we put folks back to work, they wont have the time or inclination to rabble-rouse or stir the pot. They will want to protect what they now have.

Focus on getting the US energy independent. We have lots of resources in the ground. We don't need to go all over the world, costing us both blood and treasure, for stuff we have at home. Put the coal miners, and the oil patch in the Dakotas, back to work.

And fix the very broken health care system. I realize on paper that HMO type health care looks like a great deal, but, it didn't work for long in the 1970's and 1980's, and we just proved again, it still doesn't work. Health care is best handled by good old fashion competition. Get the insurers, and lawyers, out of the decision making process, let the docs and patients do that. Let the insurers compete for the business of folks who know what they do and do not need. That should drive down prices, and costs, while increasing care quality.

It is a huge pile on one man's plate, but at least Trump strikes me as someone who loves to work, and not spend days and days on a golf course. Only time will tell, but I am hopeful that he can affect some positive change. We shall see.

Old NFO said...


Old 1811 said...

Yeah, we're all Americans, but . . . Patriots fans? Broncos fans? Come on! Next thing you know, you'll be defending Yankees fans!
You have to draw a line somewhere, if you have any decency.

Jeff B said...

I'm a NY Yankees fan....

*mic drop*