December 23, 2016

Why I Make Meticulous Case Notes

We've got a very part time customer.  And by "very part time", I mean they call about once every 6 months, we don't bill them a lot of hours, and frankly their revenue is an insignificant amount of our annual take.

So when they called for some help with a piece of software, we obliged them and I went out to their office to take a look.

I spent the better part of 90 minutes trying to get this software installed, but it kept failing to install.  Finally, I stepped back and looked at the BIG picture of it all.

The software is running fine on a laptop, just not on this desktop.  So, what's the difference?

Well, the laptop is Windows 7 Professional, the desktop is Windows 10 Home.  That's significant.

Dug through the log files for a while, found that the installer tries to inject a local SQL 2008 Express database onto the PC.

Now, according to Microsoft's downloads website, SQL 2008 Express is not supported on Windows 10 operating systems... Only up to Windows 8.1, no further.

I explain all this to the customer, ask the lady how she wants to proceed, and she makes the call: "We don't need this but twice a year, and if it's working on the laptop, that's good enough."

Flash forward to today: Her boss, who WASN'T in the room when I was fighting this, complains to MY boss about how he (customer) would have preferred a "real professional, not one who gave up after 90 minutes" to install the software.

I pointed to my case notes, told my boss "Everything you need to know is in there", and 45 minutes later my boss is informing this jackwagon about what's what.

I really hate being in the customer service business at times.


juvat said...

Had the exact same circumstance happen to us this week. Only difference was, the Win7 install was corrupted. Rebuilt the laptop with Win10 and went to install the "OMG, I NEED THAT!" software. Nothing beyond Win8.1, fortunately we still had an ISO for that. But, lost a few hours doing two ISO installs. I feel your pain.

Old NFO said...

Yep, good notes WILL save your butt.