November 8, 2016

Well, Here We Go

No matter who wins tonight, it's the American public who will have lost.

Despite that, we shall carry on.  Tomorrow, factory workers will return to their assembly line to make their widgets.  Doctors and nurses will continue to care for the sick and injured.  Bankers will make their loans and investments, railroad engineers will drive their trains, law enforcement officers will patrol their duty areas, IT technicians will fix computer problems, farmers will grow their crops, and life will carry on.

A friend of mine wrote the following on FaceCrackBookSpace, and I think it hits the nail as squarely as a nail can be hit:

An open letter to the leadership of the losing party of the 2016 US Presidential election:
You simple-minded, mouth-breathing, bombastic, power-hungry, amoral morons.
You had a free shot at the presidency this year. The opposing party’s nominee is the most vulnerable, least qualified nominee possible from their entire proverbial bench. Virtually any other state- or national-level candidate from your ranks could have won the presidency for you in a landslide. All that potential candidate would have to do was keep breathing and not say anything astonishingly stupid, and he/she would have run away with this election. The country cried out for a suitable alternative. But for some reason, you stood by your utterly flawed candidate, and now you've reaped the whirlwind.
Normally, I wouldn’t care about your abject stupidity, except that you’ve stuck the rest of us (and the entire world, really) with the opposing candidate. The best possible ‘spin’ is that the victorious candidate is merely the second-worst candidate our system had to offer America this year. But the President-elect will preside over a country so strongly divided that the fissures likely won’t be repaired in the next four years, despite whatever efforts that president-elect makes. Which, of course, assumes that any such efforts occur…given the abhorrent past behavior of said President-elect, such efforts are highly unlikely.
With luck, our new president eventually will be recognized as utterly inadequate to the task and won’t stand for re-election in 2020. (With even more luck, that recognition will occur earlier and the president will be replaced by the vice president; either vice presidential candidate would be a better president than either presidential candidate.) Regardless, we the people must do a better job with candidate selection in the hope that things will be different (and much, much better) in four years when we have to repeat this foolishness.
Until then, thanks for nothing.

I hope like hell that after this is over, we all take a moment to stop, breathe, find a bit of introspection, and remember to be kind to one another.  The bitterness and anger and division we've seen the past 18 months or so has to end.

This is America.  We're better than this.

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