October 31, 2016

Settling In

Been just over a month now since I moved back to Colorado, and things are starting to settle down a fair bit.

Moved into my new apartment, and I've got most of my stuff out of boxes and put away.  Still have a few boxes, mostly books, that are waiting for me to tend to.  I'll be purchasing some furniture this weekend, including a bookshelf, and then I'll have those taken care of as well.  Got address changes made, should be able to close my PO box come the first of December.  Food, household stuff, etc., is also take care of.  Starting to feel like a real home, not just a pile of clutter under a roof.

New job is going well.  There are several things that we do here that I'd like to see done differently, if for no other reason than to improve efficiency.  For example, every single client has a dozen or more different passwords to access their equipment, where I'd simplify things and make the passwords more consistent and similar... I shouldn't need to look up a different password for logging into a server vs. logging into a PC.  I'm sure they set it up this way for a reason, I just can't imagine what that reason might be.  At any rate, I seem to spend more time looking up passwords, IP addresses, and so forth than I do actually fixing problems.  That strikes me as inefficient.

Found myself a nice little pub where the food is solid, the beer selection is plentiful (even though I usually stick to the same style, Pale Ale, I do like having some choices), and the staff friendly.  Added bonus: It's walking distance to my place.  I don't go out often, as I'm really trying to rein in the spending a bit.  But for those times when I do want to go out -- for instance, to watch a ball game or such -- it's nice.  

The dogs have dealt with the stress of moving fairly well.  When I first moved here, I was staying with a friend and his wife, while the dogs stayed with a couple that another friend of mine knows.  Carl and his wife were wonderful, taking Casey and Jake in, giving them a place to stay and being uber cheap on me in the process... I bought them a couple nice sirloin steaks and a bottle of wine... and the dogs got used to having someone around most of the day.  When I collected them and moved them into the apartment and was going to work daily, Jake had some separation issues and was taking a dump in the apartment, despite long walks in the morning before I left.  That has since resolved, thankfully, and I'm close enough to work that I can walk home during lunch, let them out to potty, and walk back to work (5 minutes on foot, door to door).

I caught up with an old climbing buddy of mine this past weekend, we took some guns out to the range to stretch the legs.  The Marlin .22LR repairs are complete, so I wanted to check function and the zero.  I'm happy to report that it didn't take much to get it back on the bull... A few rounds, dial the scope a few clicks, couple more rounds, couple more clicks, and back to being dead-on accurate.  Plugging the bull at 25 yards, consistently (well, as consistently as I can be, anyway), and functioning normally.  Prairie dogs will fall to this rifle, that I can promise.

Pistol work still needs improvement.  I think maybe I'll find a local instructor, someone who can tell me what the hell I'm doing to cause the high-left issue.  It's just so damn consistent... 50 rounds, one big hole... and all in the 8-9 ring at 11 o'clock.  I'm stumped.  Oh, also going to get a membership at an indoor range not far from here, start shooting at least 3 or 4 days a week, instead of 3 or 4 days a month.

Lastly, the election this year still sucks.  It's a bit like trying to decide which sexually transmitted disease you want, syphilis or gonorrhea.  Me, I'm going to cast for Governor Gary Johnson.  Yes, there are things he supports that I do not, but he is, in my view, the best option.  It would be nice if he manages to get enough electoral college votes to deny both Trump and HilLIARy the nomination.  And spare me the "A vote for Johnson is a vote for Hillary" shtick.

That is all.  Carry on.

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Glad to hear things are settling in...