October 20, 2016

Part of the Problem

I saw something on Facebook this morning from a friend of mine, posted during last night's debate, that, in my view, is a perfect representation of how we've gotten to where we are as a nation:

"OK, so what is this guy going to do for me, an African-American male?"

Now, let's set some background: My friend is, obviously, African-American.  He's also gay, and prefers living in a large city (Atlanta), and younger than I am (he's in his early 30's).

Now, of course he's rightly concerned about his well-being and his personal future, and I don't begrudge him that, but his comment speaks to the division and schism between parts of society that has so polarized our country of late.

Note there's no mention of "What's he going to do for US, the nation's citizens?" in the comment.  I noticed the lack of cohesiveness.  The lack of unity.  We're no longer considering the people as a whole, but rather a collection of factions that must be clearly delineated into their unique partitions.

I also noticed that there's no mention of self-reliance, but rather what appears to be an expectation that someone else is going to do things for me.  "What is HE going to do FOR ME?"

In the end, I guess I'd prefer something along the lines of:
"How is this guy going to get the obstacles and impediments to people living a free and prosperous life out of our way?"

That, IMHO, would be a better attitude for all of us to have.

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