October 7, 2016

Headed Out

Gotta put in a quick day at the office, then I'm headed out for Blogorado.  This will be my first time at the event, but from all reports from previous attendees, it should be a fantastic time.

I'll be bringing my Mossberg 500 for shooting clays, my Glock 19 because pistol, and my Remington 700 in 30-06 Springfield, because prairie dogs.

My Marlin 60 in .22LR is still at the gunsmith.  The buffer on the back end of the slide plate assembly is worn, and that was causing the rifle to fail to go back into battery after every shot.  I guess that's OK... after all, the rifle is 35 years old and has shot some 10,000+ rounds over those years, so it only stands to reason that something would have worn out by now.

I'll pick up some beer on my way out of town, then a few hours on the road should get me there around 10p tonight.

I'm going to be spending the weekend with my tribe, and that's as fine a weekend as a man could want.

Y'all be good while I'm gone.  Go read the folks in the sidebar blogroll...

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