September 21, 2016

T Minus Something or Another and Counting

I think I'm ready for the trip.

I got the wiring for towing the trailer done on Tuesday, and today I went to the uHaul place and confirmed it was working.  Figured I'd be better off following Ronald Reagan's advice of "Trust but verify".  While I trust the auto repair shop to install it correctly, better to confirm it works today, so if I needed to, I could get it back to them ASAP, rather than be screwed on Saturday when everything is closed.

In addition to the wiring, I've had the oil changed, tires rotated, radiator and transmission both flushed and filled, and replaced the front drive shaft.  The Heep is in good shape for the trip, and should do just fine.

I've got mail forwarding already set up, and that will begin on Friday.  I'll make one last stop to check my PO box and return the key, then I'm done with that.

My current bank is Indiana only, no branches in Colorado, so I set up a new account with a bank in Colorado (national, actually) and just seeded it with $40 for now.  The nice thing is that I got three actual checks and my ATM/debit card the same visit... no waiting 4-6 business days to get the card.  That's really kinda neat, even if I won't need or use it for anything for a couple weeks.  Once the first paycheck from the new job hits, I'll close my account here in Indiana and then I'll be done with that.

Dogs got shots and wellness checks on Monday, along with a flea preventative medicine.  They're good until end of October, when I'll need to reapply the flea stuff, and after that we'll be into the colder winter months, when the fleas go dormant, then I'll be done with that.

Damn near everything I own is packed away in a box, save for an old non-stick skillet that has forgotten the "non" part (I'm not taking it with me), my 4 cup coffee maker, my coffee mug, a plate and a fork and a knife.  Oh, and a few changes of clothes.  Those will get packed on Saturday, and then I'll be done with that.

I'll shut off the cable internet service on Saturday evening, and put the electricity on "hold" until December 14th, when I'll shut that off.  The reasoning here is that it's cheaper for me to pay out the remainder of my lease than to break it early (by a couple hundred dollars), and as long as the apartment is leased to me, I need to keep the electricity service in my name.  I won't have any lights on, won't be running the heater at all, etc.  So my electric bill will be, oh, maybe a dollar a month.  But that's the rules, dumb as they may be.  Once December 14th comes, my lease ends and I can shut off the electricity and I'll be done with that.

I've got a few pieces of furniture that I don't want, and they've been claimed by neighbors so I don't need to worry about those.

Cleaned the apartment fairly well yesterday, and I'll give it a quick wipe down on Saturday evening, then a final vacuum on Sunday morning before the vacuum goes into the dumpster.

All in all, I don't think there's much of anything left to do other than get the uHaul on Saturday, load it up, get a final burger and beer from Scotty's, and sleep.  Hitting the road Sunday morning, roughly 0800, and plan to get just west of Kansas City that day.

C'mon, Sunday.... Get here already!


Old NFO said...

Travel safe my friend.

juvat said...

Hope you have a safe trip.

JR said...

Safe travels! Here's to moving forward. I made a very similar trip once after a divorce. Me, my dog, and my stuff heading west from Florida to Houston. In deep debt (didn't take a penny of his money) and totally on my own (other than the dog - parents didn't approve of divorce and cut me off until I came to my senses). Best day EVER (at that point in my life anyway). Seventeen years later, new hubby, two great kids, great job and a wonderful life, plus apologies from the folks for not trusting me to do what was right for me. Best of luck to you. Keep blogging. Can't wait to see where your story goes.