September 23, 2016

Kilted to Kick Cancer Update

So, it would appear that I'm in third place in the Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraising contest, behind Team Dragon Leatherworks and Team Ambulance Driver.  While the fundraising totals are lagging behind last year, we're still raising a decent chunk of coin for cancer research.

My totals will go up somewhat after this weekend, however, since tonight is the Kilted to Kick Cancer event at Guardian Brewing Company here in town.  They have generously offered to donate 10% of proceeds for the day to KTKC.  In addition, MT Smoking BBQ will have their food truck on site, and they are donating all tips to KTKC as well.  They both have my gratitude, and if you're in the East Central Indiana area, consider giving them some of your business.  I can attest to the fact that the beers at Guardian are quite wonderful, and MT's smoked brisket is excellent as well.

If you'd like to contribute, you can click this link to the KTKC Donation page, and chip in what you can.  Select Team JBro at checkout.  An added bonus this year, donors can win a prize as well: For every $10 donation, you can get one entry in a drawing for a Dreadnaught Industries AR-15.  Yes, yes... You already have an AR-15 rifle.  So?  Two is one, right?  Just email your donation confirmation email/receipt to and you're entered.  The usual rules about gun purchases will apply (no felony, not a drug user, etc.)

If you're in/around Muncie, come out to Guardian tonight for a pint.  And, if you're a male over the age of 40, get to your doctor and get tested for Prostate Cancer.

Get kilted, get checked!

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Old NFO said...

Well done sir!