September 1, 2016

Kilted to Kick Cancer, Day the First

And so it begins... The pants are off, the kilts are up.  It's time to raise some coin and awareness about male specific cancers.

I've got several hours of vacation time I need to use before I leave, else I lose it when I move to Colorado, so today is a vacay day.  Going to meet an old friend in Kokomo for lunch, have to pay rent, swing by the bank, pay the storage unit rent, etc.

And, naturally, it will all be done kilted.

If you want to chip in, you can go to THIS LINK and select your amount.  During the checkout process, select "Team JBro", and you're all done.

Don't forget that this year, donors can enter to win prizes, too.  Head over to Ambulance Driver's blog for the details.

And, as always, get checked.

Kilts Up!


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