September 12, 2016

Getting Closer

Two weeks from today I'll be making the last leg of the drive to Colorado.

I can tell it's getting close as my list of "Shit to do before September 25th" is getting whittled away.

Took the Heep into the dealership to get tow package wiring connected.  I had wiring for towing connected before, but it got a short in it somewhere back in '13, and I had it removed as it was jacking up my turn signal.

This afternoon I'm taking the dogs to the vet for yearly checkup and shots.  They aren't technically due until November 1, but I figure I'll do it now so I don't have to rush to find a vet out there.  So, shots, wellness check, and some flea medication.

Going to add the roadside hazard service that my auto insurance offers to my plan, just in case I run into problems on the drive.  It's like AAA, basically.

Tonight I'm going to the Monroe Township Conservation Club monthly meeting to turn in my key to the range.

Yesterday I took a box of things to the local Goodwill to donate.  Still serviceable, but I don't want or need them any more.

Going to spend the rest of the morning packing up some items, getting things organized into boxes.  The trick when you're moving large distances as opposed to across town, is to spend the money at the uHaul place (or Home Depot, or Lowe's, wherever) and buy moving boxes.  It's far easier to load the trailer when the boxes are all the same size.  Yes, you can get free boxes from the liquor store or behind WalMart, but trust me on this.

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