September 19, 2016

A Weekend Well Spent

Decided to duck up to Auburn, make one last visit with the parents before the move west.  It's nice to be able to do that, and that's about the only thing I'm going to miss about living here.

Drove up Friday afternoon, dodging most of the rush hour traffic around Fort Wayne, and arrived just about the same time Pops was pulling burgers and brats off the grill.  We had a nice dinner with our family friend Al, then headed to the high school for the football game.  My cousin Peter is the head coach, and we like to support his efforts to rebuild the team -- many years ago, they were a regional powerhouse football team, but when the then-coach was caught with his pants down (literally) with another teacher, he was fired and the program collapsed, to the point of having 2 wins total in 4 years.  Once Peter took the reins, there was renewed interest in the program (Peter was a standout linebacker when he attended school there), booster clubs started raising money again, and the team started winning again.  Not a lot, but his second season saw the team rack up 4 wins -- more that year than the previous 5 combined -- and it was a nice step in the right direction.  This year, tragedy struck when two of the boys were killed in a car accident just 2 weeks ago on September 2nd on their way to the game that night.  Understandably, that game was cancelled, as was the game on the 9th, and losing two kids that age was hard on the team.  Peter has been struggling with this tragedy, and we wanted to show support for this reason as well.

Saturday a light rain fell for much of the morning and early afternoon, but it cleared up by 3pm or so.  Ma and I ran some errands, read our books, napped and napped again, then watched some college football.  While you probably couldn't care less about either team, the game between Nebraska and Oregon was quite thrilling to watch.  Nebraska took the lead with just a few minutes left, and managed to hold strong on defense, stopping Oregon and winning the game.  Interestingly, Oregon never kicked a single Point After, instead opting to go for two all five times they scored.  Converting only one of those times, they ended up with 32 points (five TDs, one 2 point conversion), while Nebraska kicked the PAT every time, and made 'em all.  Thus, the 35-32 score.  Had Oregon kicked PATs 4 times, they'd have won the game by a point.  Strange strategy, that.  At any rate, after that game, we had dinner, then retreated to the back porch for some beer drinking by the fire pit, chatting with the neighbors (my parents have really nice neighbors), and general socializing.  Good times.

Woke up Sunday, and had some breakfast, then went out with my cousin Jeff to bust some clays with the shotguns.  I sold him my Mossberg Silver Reserve 12G O/U, as he wants to get into sporting clays, skeet, trap, etc.  It's a fine gun for just that (as well as pheasant or quail hunting), and I could use the extra cash for the trip, so that worked out well.  We joined two of his friends, one of whom was the host -- living out in the sticks has advantages, like being able to shoot clays off the back deck -- and we burned through 200 shotgun shells in short order.  Jeff was finally getting the hang of it towards the end, and even managed to hit a couple two clay throws, one barrel each.  After we finished that, I went to meet my three best high school pals, Jeremy, Josh, and Sara, and we had wings, beers, and talked and laughed.  I'll miss being able to drive an hour or so and see them as well.  Then I headed back to the parent's place, picked up Ma and Pops, and we went to the local watering hole for a bite to eat and watch a bit of the late football game.

Headed back to Muntucky this morning.  Gotta get the dogs to the vet this afternoon for shots, then get back to the packing of the stuff.  I'm going to thin out some of the things I have -- who needs 16 pint glasses, anyway? -- and donate a large portion of stuff to Goodwill.  Less stuff means less stuff to carry to Colorado.

All in all, a good weekend.

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Time with family is always precious! Enjoy...