August 28, 2016

Time to Drop My Pants

Well, _almost_ time, that is...

Wednesday will be the last day I wear pants for a while, as I once again don the kilt for the 2016 Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraiser competition.

As usual, my goal is two-fold: Get people informed and educated about male-specific cancers like Prostate Cancer and Testicular Cancer, and raise some money.

I managed to get a donation at the NRA Annual Meeting from Mantis, who donated one of their Mantis  Firearms Training systems.  This is a neat device that attaches to the rail on your pistol, then you download an app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store (depending on your phone, iPhone vs. Android).  Then you go shooting.  The device will upload data to your phone, and you can see feedback and input on improving your shots.  "Big deal," I can hear you say. "I can see where my shots are going by looking at the TARGET, dumbass..."

Well, yes.  But this works on dry-fire too.  So on those brutal cold winter days when you can't get to the range, here's your chance to practice.    (But seriously, don't just take my word for it.  Here's Jeff Denning's review of the Mantis.  Maybe you've heard of him?)

I've also arranged two fundraising events here in central Hoosier land.  The first is at Scarlet Lane Brewing Company in McCordsville on Thursday, September 8th.  They are located at 7724 Depot Street in McCordsville, Indiana.  On September 8th, from 3p-8p, they will donate 20% of their proceeds to KTKC.  So if your in the Indy area, come out for a pint or two or five (bring a sober driver if you're going to have more than one or two) and support KTKC.

The second event is at Guardian Brewing Company, here in Muncie.  Guardian is at 2100 W White River Blvd, Muncie, Indiana.  They will be open 3p-11p, and 10% of all proceeds are going to KTKC, so once again come out for a pint and support Team JBro in the KTKC fundraiser.

(On a side note, I guess one positive thing about being divorced is that this year I won't have to put up with any drama from teenage kids who screamed and hollered every time I put on my kilt.  So there's that.)

Up with Kilts!  Down with Pants!

KTKC_216 coming at you in a few days.  Y'all stay tuned.

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