August 6, 2016

Making the Pew Pew Sounds

It's been a few weeks of really hot (90's) and really humid (70's) and really oppressive and downright yucky here in East Central Indiana.

Today we got a bit of a respite from that, and the current temp of 81 and the 46% humidity means I can go shooting without needing to wipe the sweat off my hands after every three or four shots.

And besides, I needed the distraction.  The past few weeks have been nothing but work>Cisco training videos>Sleep>Work>Cisco videos>Sleep, etc.

I'd recently replaced the sights on the Glock at Tam's suggestion with a set of AmeriGlo CAP sights.  It's remarkable how much easier it is to get them lined up correctly.

Grabbed the range bag (which includes my small emergency GSW treatment kit of gauze, a tourniquet, gloves, and such -- you do have one in your range bag too, right?  RIGHT?) and the G19 and a hundred rounds of FMJ ammo.

The results are in the photo below.  Most of the fliers, especially the more egregious ones out there in the 6 ring, were at the end, when my hands and arms were getting tired.  A few were during the middle, and I think I was just not focusing on mechanics as much as I should have, since I was trying to get the "obtain the sight picture" thing down with the new sights.

Still and all, I'll take it.  The results are within "Minute of Goblin", which is the ultimate goal, I suppose.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, minute of bad guy works! :-) Now just get to the range on a regular basis, and those shots will be in the 9 ring! And yes, I have a blow out kit in my bag. :-)