July 3, 2016

Still Moving Forward

The last few weeks have been pretty rough, but I'm still alive and kicking and making forward progress.

As mentioned before, I found an apartment.  Nothing fancy, just a one room studio big enough for me and the dogs, but it's a dry roof and a place to shower other than the local YMCA, and I'm settling in.  I've got internet feed into the place, so I have some means of entertaining myself -- thank the stars and Jeff Bezos for Amazon Prime.

Got a somewhat complicated money situation sorted out, finally.  Back on June 2, we wrote a check for cheerleader expenses for $1000 on what was then our joint account.  When we split up the bank money on the 11th, we wrongly assumed (I know, I know) that the check had cleared.  It hadn't, and then it hit what is now my solo account on the 17th... After I had spent money on the lawyer, apartment, utilities, etc., putting me into a negative balance.  She was kind enough to be willing to pay it back, and I was willing to let her do so in installments -- I don't want to be unreasonable during all of this, nor does she; we both care for each other, it just wasn't meant to be, so let's part ways amicably -- so she gave me a few hundred in cash.  Then I found out that the check was returned NSF (so much for overdraft protection, right?) and now I have to pay HER back the cash she paid me.  At any rate, that's done.  July's paycheck is in the bank, and bills are paid.  Money's going to be tight for one more month, but that's life.  Come August, I should be in better shape.

The dogs and I have been walking more.  It's been far too long since I've been getting adequate exercise, and my resting heart rate and expanding waist line are reflective of that.  So Casey and Jake and I are doing a 30 minute brisk walk every morning and evening.  I'm going to make another go at quitting smoking as well.  Time to get back to my mountain climbing shape.

Work is going well.  My bosses have been absolutely amazing during this.  I mentioned the money fiasco above to my boss, and she said "Here's $100... Pay me back whenever you can.  Let me know if you need more."  She and I talked about my desire to move back to Colorado, and she's supportive of that as well, even if it means she loses one of the three Tier III guys in the office.  This isn't me bragging, but she's going to have to work to find another person who can replace me.  But she's on board with that.  Because she wants to help me in any way she can.  I don't have the words to explain how much that means to me.

Week after next is a mini vacation for me.  I'm going to see my folks for a couple days, then a cousin and I are going to Traverse City, Michigan, for a brewery kayaking tour.  You get your kayak (or bring your own) at the first brewery, which is right next to Boardman Lake.  Have a pint, get in the kayak, paddle a while up the Boardman River, then pull to the side, tie up your boat at the next brewery.  Go in for a pint, back to the kayak, up the river again, etc.  Four breweries total.  Should be a really fun time.  Something different, anyway...

In the evenings, I've been alternating between studying for a Microsoft exam, unpacking and repacking boxes in the storage shed, and just getting some sit-and-vegetate time.

Life goes on.

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Murphy's Law said...

Just take it one day at a time. It always gets better, or at least easier.